• 05/24/2019 (2:09:19 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin
CONTRA Unit vows to “change MLW forever” with their plans for this coming week’s episode of FUSION. The global dealers in violence have sent in a message and video promising that the body count will rise when they “unleash an attack unlike any other in the history of Major League Wrestling” this coming week on FUSION.

League officials are investigating but again struggle to discipline the trio that remain non-contracted outsiders.

•Having signed a multiyear deal with MLW and in the midst of enjoying a near 6 month reign as the World Middleweight Champion, Teddy Hart says he will break ground on a training facility. The construction, known as “Project: Dungeon” will serve as the Hart family’s successor to the famed Dungeon that Stu Hart opened in his family home’s basement in the early 1950s.  Teddy, a renowned wrestler and trainer, has developed some of today and tomorrow’s top wrestlers. No word on if this version will be located in a basement under a Hart mansion but pain and punishment are guaranteed.

Ace Austin vs. Air Wolf has been signed for MLW’s June 1 Wisconsin debut next Saturday.  Following up Air Wolf’s sensation win over one of Mexico’s elite luchadores Rey Fenix, the masked Minnesotan looks to make a statement that he’s a player and his win over Fenix wasn’t a “Big Apple Miracle” but the arrival of a future star in the sport. He’ll be tested as Atlantic City’s Ace Austin is in the hunt for another crack at the middleweight belt. This Fury Road bout promises to be an amazing aerial contest.

Alex Hammerstone has been outspoken on social media about Brian Pillman Jr.’s rumored partying. Is Hammerstone creating noise to distract the youngest member of the Hart Foundation? Is there any truth to Pillman living in the fast lane? Whoever walks away with the new National Championship will reveal the all truths.

•There is a lot of buzz in the locker room swirling around Ross and Marshall Von Erich’s debut next Saturday in Waukesha. Their legendary father has been keeping the boys focused on readying for war and instilling his 40+ years in the sport.  Given the battles Kevin Von Erich had with the likes of Bruiser Brody, the Freebirds and the One Man Gang, you couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

•A legendary luchador is in talks with the league. 

•Referee Doug Markham recently had his tires slashed. He believes he’s once again been a victim of “wrestler aggression”. Markham has been under immense scrutiny following alleged biased officiating.

Insiders expect Salina de la Renta to produce another episode of MLW FUSION.  The Empresaria’s “vision” of Fusion proved to be a smash hit for MLW and its networks.

•The office of wrestling operations continues to engage experienced wrestling executives and officials as Major League Wrestling manages its growth.

•Could Japan be the next country to present a top ranked wrestler to challenge for either the heavyweight or middleweight world title? More on that soon.

•Daga’s frustrations with finding success have his camp wondering if the “Maestro of Mexican Strong Style” needs to go back to drawing board to change his strategies. Is he truly major league material? That’s the question of the hour.

•Tom Lawlor is in talks to return to MMA.  Lawlor’s goal is to be the first-ever two sport double champion. 

MLW Fusion Preview
CONTRA Unit has promised that MLW will never be the same after this week’s FUSION.  Who is on their hit list?  Who will resist? Will the mighty fall?  The global leaders have threatened to devastate Major League Wrestling and its athletes.  
The shadowy trio of Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael and Simon Gotch have grand and bloody designs as danger seemingly awaits any and all on this week’s episode.
One of CONTRA’s biggest targets, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will be in action as he defends the belt against Germany’s #1 ranked wrestler “Avalanche” Robert Dreissker.  Will Lawlor’s campaign to topple each country’s top wrestler continue with his 3rdtitle defense? Will Dreissker be the first German to win a World Championship in nearly 30 yesrs? Find out on this week’s FUSION!
There are rumblings LA Park will be in the house.  Will Salina de la Renta’s destroy look to cash in his 2019 Battle Riot golden ticket?
Speaking of Salina de la Renta, the Promociones Dorado camp will be in action as Low Ki and Ricky “El Sicario” Martinez look to showcase their dominance.
The Super Heavyweight Super Team link-up as 469 pound Barrington Hughes and 400 pound Ace Romero rumble with CONTRA Unit’s Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael.  Will Hughes and Acey unleash a near ton of fury on CONTRA? Or, will they be the next victims? 
H2tv returns as the Hart Foundation prepare Brian Pillman Jr. for next week’s National Openweight Championship finals. 
The Lucha Bros. will also be in action. After a pair of losses in singles competition, the brothers look for unity and success in tag team competition as the former World Tag Team Champs pursue a tag team title shot.
World Title Match: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs “Avalanche” Robert Dreissker
Lucha Bros in action
CONTRA Unit’s Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael vs Barrington Hughes & Ace Romero
Low Ki & Ricky Martinez in action
Join play-by-play announcer Rich Bocchini the legendary analyst Jim Cornette from the sold out Melrose Ballroom in New York City for a night of top ranked action from Major League Wrestling.

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