• 07/29/2012 (2:43:19 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Resistance Pro Wrestling's "Fair Warning" was arguably their best event yet. The entire card featured exciting matches and the crowd was very into it the whole night.
At the 'meet and greet" before and after the show, we met Ruff Crossing, Jessie Belle, Eric St. Vaughn, Professor Kliq, Zach Thompson, Abriella

Dark Matches

Kennedy Kendricks making his R-Pro debut pinned "Marvelous" Matt Knicks

Tough Enough V contestant, Ryan Howe also made his R-Pro debut defeating Chris Castro

FAIR WARNING started with R-Pro Heavyweight Champion Harry Smith accompanied by Raven & Lou D'Angeli addressing the crowd. They explained their recent actions and Lou D'Angeli then ran down Smith's opponent for the main event, Lonesome Jay Bradley before calling out a newcomer who was called just Kyle. He was the same superfan that worked an in-ring wrestling tutorial with Harry Smith at their Small Deadly Space event. Apparently, they've been training him and wanted to gauge his progress by giving him a match

Mr.450 (accompanied by Eric St. Vaughn) downed a valiant effort by Kyle when he hit his 450 splash

In a No-DQ Women's tag-team match. Jessie Belle & Nikki St. John beat the team of Serenity and Taylor Made.

Ashton Vuitton grabbed a submission victory over John Skyler, who tapped out to a Dragon Sleeper

Renaldo Pivin stayed in the ring after the match to voice his displeasure with Resistance Pro and Billy Corgan in particular. He was choked out by Jocephus Brody who was joined by The Almighty Sheik (who was previously managed by Pivin). The pair called out Da Cobra, seemingly making him their first disciple. They started to destroy Da Cobra until Ruff Crossing (making his R Pro debut) arrived to help him. Brody and The Sheik manhandled the pair and claimed victory

In probably the best match R-Pro has had to date, former WWE star John Morrison overcame "The Ego" Robert Anthony.

Women's Champion, Melanie Cruise overcame a pair of Sleeper attempts to pin Thunderkitty

In the Main Event, Harry Smith used a sitdown power bomb to pin #1 contender, Lonesome Jay Bradley.


Resistance Pro announced their next show would be September 14th at Excalibur Nightclub in Chicago, no matches announced yet

Robert Anthony got the biggest pops of the night, Jay Bradley second

Matt Parker, Scott Beatty and John Wroblewski


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