• 07/14/2014 (12:02:13 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Courtesy of  Puroresu Spirit
Following the WWE contract signing in Osaka, Japan on July 12th, KENTA was part of a public press event today at the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi, Japan.

He first stated that he was a bit nervous to attend the public contract signing with the Hulk Hogan and he tried his best to "keep his composure". It was a great honor to stand in the ring with him and very special moment as well for himself.

KENTA said that he is working on "setting up his residence in Orlando,... Florida and is looking forward to training in the WWE Performance Center." That it is a "great facility with a lot of great equipment" and one that he does not mind starting from the bottom if that is what he gets to work with. He mentioned that he is still quite "inexperienced with the English language", but it is currently his "biggest hard work in progress".

As for his name, KENTA mentioned that is "solely in the WWE Headquarters hands." He said that there is a "possibility" that his ring name will be changed, but stated with a smile that "any number of names with do". Even something like a "TANAKA or TOYOTA" which he mentioned himself. He is prepared for anything. He also mentioned that he knows he will have to adjust his in-ring style and adapt to the changes. But that he will do his very best.

He also mentioned the names of Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) and Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) who have been in Japan and who have reached the top front of the WWE. He said that it it is reassuring to himself that there are talent that he personally knows in the WWE. He also mentioned John Cena and Rey Mysterio as wrestlers that the entire world knows, but at this time he has little expectations of being on that same level, he said with a laugh. He then said that WWE is the top of the wrestling organizations in the world and that it has been his dream to stand on the big stage, if just at least once in his life. He currently does not know what to expect now that the doors are open, but he will do his best from day one.


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