• 08/19/2012 (1:44:31 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Mark Henry, Wade Barrett, Alicia Fox, Reks & Hawkins, Antonio Cesaro…

Wade Barrett says he is 99% healed from injury and details the character changes we can expect when he returns to WWE TV :
Antonio Cesaro has already heard the idea you probably have for him (and I certainly had) as US champion:
Dolph Ziggler says Summerslam vs Chris Jericho is the most important match of his life and he idolized Chris Jericho growing up :
Alicia Fox notes there will be a wardrobe change in her future :
Kelly Kelly hopes WWE uses her more:
The Miz feels critics are wrong when they say the IC title lacks prstige and it's a step down to hold it at this point in his career (after having won the WWE title and main evented WrestleMania) :
Mark Henry is at peace with the idea that his WWE career may be over and his latest World Heavyweight title run might have been his last hoorah. He lso talks Olympians that he scouted for WWE while in London :
Reks & Hawkins joke about finally being done woking Ryback and Reks getting pink ey during their matches. Hawkins also talks about working with The Rock, helping him get back into ring shape, prior to WrestleMania 28 :

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