• 12/05/2018 (8:16:25 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Nasty Boy Jerry Sags sent me this today on his memories of the Dynamite Kid

In 1988 while wrestling for FCW in Florida, Dory Funk Jr booked Knobs and I on the once a year tag team tournament held by All Japan/Giant Baba. Some of the great teams we were about to face included Stan Hansen and Tenryu, Abdullah the Butcher and Tiger Jeet Singh, Terry Gordie and Dr Death Steve Williams and of course the British Bulldogs, for a young tag team this was like hitting the lottery, or so we thought.
Not knowing the temperature in Korakuen Hall in Tokyo and the fact that matches for All Japan usually went 20 to 40 minutes, we got in shape real fast. The cherry on top was the long awaited matches against the Bulldogs.
Nevermind the match, since we hit the ground in Tokyo we had been victim to the wrath of Dyno, drinking all night, never allowed to go to bed, if you tried to go to bed, your phone would ring off the hook, if you took your phone apart, 10 security guards would come to your room.
Ribbed day and night for the whole tour, pure hell! But some of the best times of our lives! We were tested and passed, thanks to our mentor Curt Hennig we had the respect of Davie and Dyno.
Now back to the match, in our eyes the Bulldogs were one of the best tag teams in the history of tag teams, no matter how good of shape you thought you were in, try wrestling the Bulldogs for 25 minutes in Japan. We instantly clicked, our style and there’s, there psychology and match making skills were bar none. They were true wrestling machines. Non stop action.
We left Japan with huge respect for each other and I will never forget it. So Tommy go now and join Davey, Jim and Owen, have shuhi together! God bless you. RESPECT, Nasty Sags.

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