• 08/10/2019 (8:55:38 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

In an incredible matchup, SANADA put the brakes on Kazuchika Okada’s undefeated streak in this year’s G1 tournament. With his first and only loss in this year’s G1, Okada is no longer a lock to win A Block. For him to advance to the finals, he will need to defeat his last scheduled opponent in tournament action, Kota Ibushi. However, if Ibushi pulls out the victory he’ll be the one moving on to the finals to face the winner of B Block.

By now you’re saying to yourself “But wait, wouldn’t that result in a tie?” The ruling in the event of a tie-breaker is as follows:
“A tie between two wrestlers is broken based on the result in their 1-on-1 match. If two or more wrestlers are tied at the end of round-robin the winner is determined based on which wrestler has the most points in only the matches against the other wrestlers they are tied with.” (via

In this potential scenario, if Ibushi was to beat Okada, Ibushi would tie Okada in the overall standings and the result of their one-on-one match would be in play. With Ibushi being victorious in this scenario, he would win the A Block and go on to face the B Block winner.

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