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New Era Wrestling
"New Years Revolution" - 1/19/13 Shelbyville, IN Results

1. Troy Van Zant beat Anthony Lee

Dylan Bostic comes out to address how Natural Born Talent lost the Tag Team Titles in October. He brought out a bag with the Halloween costume that his attacker wore to pull in the casket. He reveals that the bag belonged to his own partner Bobby Black. Bobby comes out and pleads his innocence. The two men argue back in forth but eventually Dylan says he trusts Bobby.

2. Aaron Anarchy beat Willie Loseagain

3. Donny Idol beat Billy Bart

4. The Bishop Brothers beat Hillbilly Jedd

Osyris came out and hit Jedd with a death valley driver off the top rope. The Bishops then got the pin.

5. Osyris beat "Sexy" Shawn Cook by DQ

Hillbilly Jedd interferes and attacks Osyris to cause Cook to get DQ'ed. Jedd challenged Osyris to a match in the future.

6. Tag Team Championship: The Grimm (Rob Ramer & Baron Von Kane) (c) beat Natural Born Talent (Bobby Black & Dylan Bostic)

Natural Born Talent had miscommunication throughout the match leading to Dylan accidentally knocking Bobby off the top rope. He was then distracted by a man who came out wearing the Halloween costume. This lead to The Grimm getting the win once again.

7. Trash Cassidy beat Camron Star in a women's match

8. NEW Championship: Flash Flanagan (c) beat Tom Van Zant

NEW returns to Boys' Club on 710 South Miller Street in Shelbyville, IN on Saturday, February 16th!


Results from NWA Liberty States Wrestling
January 18, 2013 7:30pm
Hasbrouck Heights VFW, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Attendance: 400 (sellout)

A sellout crowd was in attendance to witness a one-night tournament to crown the very first NWA Liberty States Wrestling Champion. The tournament consisted of four first-round matches, with the winner of each match being entered into a Fatal 4-way match to decide the champion.

Match #1: Tag team
"The Reinforcer" Andrew Anderson and The Mastadon
The Corino Brothers

Match #2: First round tournament
"The Escort" Erik Andretti defeated The Rebel to advance to the Fatal 4-way championship match.

Match #3: First round tournament
Bill Carr (with "Big Game" Smith James) and "The Samoan Storm" Afa Jr. fought to a no contest when Big Game and Carr teamed up on Afa Jr. before the match could officially begin. "Hurricane" Shane Helms made the save, and challenged Carr and Smith James to a tag team match later in the night.

The final match of the tournament was then changed to a Triple Threat match.

Match #4: First round tournament
Lance Anoai defeated "The Greek God" Papadon to become the second entrant in the championship Triple Threat match.

Match #5: First round tournament
The Island Warrior Makua defeated "The Cold Hearted Playa" Danny DeManto to claim the third and final spot in the Triple Threat match.

Match #6: Women's match
Alicia defeated Nikki in the featured women's match of the evening.

Match #7: Co-Main Event
Afa Jr. and "The Hurricane" Shane Helms defeated Bill Carr and "Big Game" Smith James in a tag team grudge match.

Match #8: NWA Liberty States Championship Triple Threat
"The Escort" Erik Andretti was able to overcome a fleeting alliance established by The Island Warrior Makua and Lance Anoai to put his name in the record books as the very first NWA Liberty States Wrestling Champion.

Following the event, the new champion was found beaten unconscious in a backroom of the building. While medical staff attended to Andretti, a video was received at the NWA Insider address that appeared to show the NWA's own Fred Rubenstein claiming responsibility for the attack on behalf of Zero-1's Dan Maff.

Later posts by Rubenstein to the Facebook pages of NWA Liberty States and NWA-LSW promoter Ricky O. confirmed that Zero-1 is indeed looking to come stateside to establish a presence in the USA, taking on NWA-LSW in the process.

This event was filmed by NWA On Fire Television and will be airing on WZME-TV (ME-TV) Friday Nights at 11pm. Check for complete television coverage information.

NWA Liberty States Wrestling will return to the Hasbrouck Heights VFW on Saturday, March 23rd at 7:30pm. Will the new champion "The Escort" Erik Andretti be able to recover from his injuries in time to defend his newly-won belt? And what does Zero-1 have in store for NWA-LSW? These questions will be answered on March 23rd in Hasbrouck Heights.

NWA On Fire Pro Wrestling returns to the Parsippany PAL in Parsippany, New Jersey on Saturday Night, March 16th with a bell time of 7pm featuring NWA On Fire Heavyweight Champion "Firebrand" Brian Fury in action.

Results by: NWA Insider "M.C. Hale
[email protected] NWA Liberty States Wrestling Wrestling On Fire


This week Missy Hyatt informed us that she would be unable to make the trip to Canada due to family obligation and responsibilities we are currently working on naming a replacement for Her.

We have added another match to Born 2B Wired in London, ON Canada it will be Al Snow w/ Head taking on Joey Ryan. These two matched up a few months back at Bound for Glory PPV.

We are running a cool auction for fans where they can become part of the Hardcore Roadtrip team for the Banned In The USA Show! The winner of this auction will sit ringside (During the Duration of the event) and be in charge of keeping time of the match and will ring the bell when directed by the referee! This is without a doubt the best seat in the house and a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Tickets are still available for the shows at


!BANG! TV Report - Inside Funking Conservatory Wrestling - Training Matches and Interviews

Now on Premium !BANG! TV from Inside Funking Conservatory Wrestling - Professional Wrestling Training Matches and Wrestling Interviews Featuring:

World Champion, Cory "Wild" Weston, Quinton "Drop-Back" Hitchcock, Australia's Luke Knight and The Exclusive, Women's Champion, Jessica "Power House" Hill, Hollywood Heather, South Africa's Chanel, Germany's Ron "The Man" Rymer, Brian "Hot Shot" Davis, Jeremy "Rock Star" Spillers and Special Referee Claudia "The Claw" Reiff now online at

WWE Talent Scout Gerald Brisco will be attending the Funking Conservatory to scout wrestling talent in January - For more information call 352-895-4658.

Professional Wrestling Live comes to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Saturday January 26th Support Your Troops 85, "Genesis 12" with the return to !BANG! TV of "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, Dory Funk Jr., and Johnny Magnum. Showtime is 6:30 pm and doors open at 6:00pm.

Tickets to "Genesis 12" are now available online at or you may call 352-895-4658 for ticket information.

In the Main Event, Dory Funk Jr. and Johnny Magnum with Jimmy Hart in their corner will face Cory "Wild" Weston and Quinton "Drop-Back" Hitchcock.
In the Second Main Event, for the Women's Tag Team Championship, Claudia "The Claw" Reiff and Jessica "Power House" Hill (Champions) will face the Blond Bombshells, Hollywood Heather and Chanel.
Also appearing on the card - Luke Knight, The Exclusive, Jeremy "Rock Star" Spillers, Brian "Hot Shot" Davis, Ron "The Man" Rymer, The Astonishing T. J. Blake and more.

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