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WWE Returns To Fairbanks, Alaska In 2013!

WWE returns to the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, Alaska on January 17th, 2013 at 7 PM.

WWE presents the Smackdown World Tour live at the Carlson Center on January 18 at 7:30pm. Doors will open to the public at 6:00pm. Tickets go on sale December 1 at (charge by phone: 1-800-745-3000). Ticket prices are $20, $30, $45, $65 and $95. Additional service fees do apply.

Huge Double Main Event!

"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus looks to regain his coveted World Heavyweight Championship from "The World's Largest Athlete" and current World Heavyweight Champion Big Show. Will Sheamus be able to overcome the odds against this massive opponent?

"The Viper" Randy Orton and the ruthless Alberto Del Rio will battle. Will "The Viper" reign supreme or will Alberto Del Rio fulfill his destiny atop the WWE?

Also see current Tag Team Champions "Team HELL NO", Brodus Clay, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Wade Barrett, and many more!

For additional information, please call (907) 451-7800 or visit:

TNA Genesis will be held on Sunday, January 13th, 2013 at Universal Studios in Orlando.

WWE returns to Switzerland & Russia in April of 2013. Here are the dates & locations:

April 21st - Geneva Arena in Geneva, Switzerland
April 25th - Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia
April 26th - DS Megasport Arena in Moscow, Russia
Vintage Collection on November 9th, 2012 featured these matches:

* The Rude Brood vs. Roddy's Rowdies (Survivor Series 1989)
* Edge, Christian & The Hardys vs. Too Cool & The Hollys (Survivor Series 1999)
* Team Guerrero vs. Team Angle (Survivor Series 2004)

Warlordz Of Wrestling, LLC


Rowdy Roddy Piper presents Warlordz Of Wrestling, a soon to launch
MMORPG app on Facebook.

What Is Warlordz Of Wrestling?

WOW is a Massively Multiplayer
Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) that pits friend VS friend and
strangers against strangers in a quest to be World Champion. The game will launch first on Facebook with plans to expand to Droid, iPhone and iPad in 2013.

Players will not only be able to wrestle other players worldwide but will also engage in trash talking battles in our interactive forums and also our Twitter style newsfeed. Your character is your creation from how he/she wrestles, talks and interacts with other players to the clothes that they wear WOW provides a total immersion experience in the world of pro wrestling.

This is your time to get in on the ground floor of the future of social
wrestling gaming. You can be a part of our first round of funding on and get cool rewards for it. From receiving in game
currency equivalent to what you pledge, to autographed 8x10s, Plastic Coconuts, Plastic Fire Extinguisher, Hot Rod T-Shirts, Books, Books, Boxing Gloves, Kilts and even Championship Belts signed by Rowdy Roddy Piper. Check out our website for information on how you can get involved and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep current with news regarding the impending launch of the game.


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It's less than a month away - the 11th season finale of CHIKARA "Under the Hood," is fast approaching! And if you can't be there in person to witness history being made at The Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA on December 2nd, we've got you covered! Thanks to our pals Smart Mark Video, you can watch it live on IPPV via!

For a limited time only, you can order the iPPV for just $14.99, a price that includes UNLIMITED Video on Demand access following the event! This offer won't last, so order today!
Check out April Hunter's latest Video Diary from Chiller
What a week for IN THE ROOM as Brady Hicks and the gang sit down to talk to World Professional Wrestling star Zac Conner, headed into the company's 2012 Flamingo Cup tag team tournament. And, speaking of tag teams, Brady goes one-on-one with one-half of the top tag team in the world today, in Christopher Daniels. What are "The Fallen Angel"'s thoughts on teaming with close friend Kazarian and the health of tag wrestling on the whole? Plus, is he finally be on the cusp of the TNA World Heavyweight Title? In addition, Brady, Derrick, Ray, and Anthony debate tag team chemistry, compare The Miz and Wade Barrett, argue NWA's title legacy, preview the 2012 Who's Slammy Awards, and take it all in as Harry Barnett and Ratboy finally go at it. All that, and so ... much ... more! Thanks for the support and thanks to those who called in! Donate to Derrick!
For a direct link to the show, visit:

Sure, IN THE ROOM is our flagship, but is just one of the dozens of audio and video shows - and not just wrestling - that air on For a complete show listing, visit:
IN THE ROOM airs LIVE each Tuesday at 9:30 PM EST on WEXP 1600 Philly and! Call in to the show at (609) 755-5487 (5ITR). Check it out for fresh perspectives, interviews, and commentary from wrestling's top stars.
Voicemail Line:
(206) 337-1031
Twitter: @intheroomshow, @bradyhicks
Facebook: search for IN THE ROOM on WEXP, Brady Hicks (Pro Wrestling Illustrated), and DJ (IN THE ROOM)
AIM: BradyHicks
PRIME TV #169: Matt Cross vs. Gory
Watch it online now right here:

Airdate: 11/4/2012
A few weeks ago, we learned of Matt's new-found allegiance with Commissioner Justin LaBar against the Megalomaniacs of Fontaine & company, citing his love of competition over politics as the main reason. This week, we see Matt compete as only he can against one of the fastest rising young stars on the roster, Gory of the Dead Wrestling Society. The former TV champ is the center of controversy following the assault by he and the rest of the DWS on Rhino, coupled with Kirst's concussion-inducing powerbomb to Izeah Bonds a week ago. Can Gory continue the group's dominance or will Matt represent what's right about PRIME Wrestling by stealing the show as only he can?
UNSANCTIONED: Justin LaBar vs. Vic Travagliante
When Vic turned his back on friend & boss LaBar at Wrestlelution 5, he didn't just end a business relationship, he violated a personal friendship. LaBar has made it clear that this is NOT a professional issue he intends to handle with a level head, it is a personal vendetta and he seeks revenge in the physical sense! While neither are wrestlers, Vic has answered LaBar's challenge to a fight in the center of the ring this week. Vic has claimed he will leave all of his guys in the back, as long as LaBar does the same. It may not be pretty, but it will be intriguing. Will LaBar avenge his fallen friendship or will Vic humiliate LaBar once more in his quest to replacing him as PRIME Commissioner?
Beverly's huge roll now that he is on his own has continued with a recent win over former PRIME Champion Jimmy Jacobs, but can he repeat that feat against the most decorated champion in PRIME history? N8 Mattson has enjoyed reigns as PRIME Tag Champion, TV Champion, and Wrestlerama Champion, and has seemingly come back in even better shape than before following a year-long hiatus from the ring. With The Sons rumored ambush on Zach Gowen and repeated domination of Gregory Iron, will Beverly be able to keep his winning ways?
This past week, Aaron Maguire announced a surprise... a signing of a new talent to the roster, but not just anyone. Showing their gross misconduct & favoritism, Maguire & Vic seem to be using their growing power and influence to now sign family members! Jeremy Madrox, introduced as a distant cousin of Marion Fontaine, with a definite family resemblance in the upper lip region, is the newest PRIME Wrestler, and makes his debut against young Edric Everhart, looking to prove himself in his own right. Yet without politics on his side, can he overcome the lopsided pro-Madrox environment already created by this crooked regime?
Plus: Comments from Nicki Valentino, Kirst, Gregory Iron, Matt Mason & more!

K.S.W.A. Road to Fan Fest '12 – PA Connecting Communities Fundraiser Event


PA Connecting Communities "Connecting Individuals, Disabilities & Communities"


5:00 Saturday, November 17, 2012

Teamster Temple

4701 Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Tickets $10 Adults & $8 Kids

Event Information Call - 412-726-1762 -


- Main Event -

The V.I.P.'s

"Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin & Shawn Blanchard


Kris Kash & Shane Starr


K.S.W.A. Five Star Title Match

K.S.W.A. Five Star Champion

Jonny Axx


Jay Flash


Party Gras (Lord Zoltan & Justin Sane), Super Ginger & Sam Squatch


"The King" Del Douglas, The Jester, Sniper & "Nasty" Nick Crane


Ali Kaida


Mitch Napier


J Ru


"Iceman" Tony Johnson


The Blood Beast


Tommy Horror


Joey Quervo


Bobby Badfingers







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