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Rare Dual Signed 8 x 10 Color Photo of Bruno Sammartino vs Superstar Billy Graham. Signed by both WWE Hall of Famers. Limited Availability. 1 day left to bid or buy. Includes photo of Superstar Signing the 8 x 10. Only 3 available. Email [email protected] or go to the link below to purchase through Ebay.




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WWE returns to the BB & T Center in Sunrise, Florida on June 7th, 2013. Go to for more details.

WWE will also return to the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida on June 8th, 2013. Tickets go on sale May 4th.





June 2nd and "Aniversario: Never Compromise" mark our long-awaited return to live iPay-Per-View, and we are proud to release the official theme song for this landmark event! Australian rockers Toehider created the song "Never Compromise," to help us celebrate our anniversary and give this event a little something special. You can grab the official theme song in iTunes right now. And if you're not an iTunes subscriber, fear not - Amazon MP3, Google Play, eMusic, Simfy, Rdio and a dozen other online outlets have this rockin good track available for purchase right now as well! Less than two months away until our return to Philadelphia and iPPV. Roll down the windows and jam along as we count down the days until  "Aniversario: Never Compromise."




Thanks to Mike Informer for these links on Brian Christopher's arrest and also on the ECW Documentary "Barbes Wire City"




PRIME Wrestling Debuts at Cleveland Agora This Friday 4/19 - Gargano, Gowen, Krimson & more!


PRIME Wrestling returns to Cleveland, Ohio on Friday night, April 19 for a HUGE TV Taping at the Agora Ballroom at 5000 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio! Belltime is set for 8pm and all your favorite PRIME stars will be on hand including Johnny Gargano, Krimson & The Dead Wrestling Society, M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross, The Megalomaniacs, PRIME Tag Champions Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen, "The Bev" Bobby Beverly and so many more! Bring your signs & enthusiasm and be prepared to be seen on national television!


Tickets are available now - Preferred Seating $15 and General Admission $10 on sale now in our "Store" section of!



Johnny Gargano is on his way to the Agora and is out for blood! Perhaps quite literally, as his attempts at gaining a match with Krimson or ANY Megalomaniac have been completely stonewalled by Vic. Gargano has signed to meet BOTH Gory & Kirst of the Dead Wrestling Society, but will he be a man alone? Last week we reported on a secret meeting held between Gargano, Matt Cross, Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen regarding the future of PRIME Wrestling. Our sources have learned that since that report was filed, talks have broken down between all sides. It seems there's still a lot of trust issues over the past of all four men, and they are far from the solidified four-some they had hoped to be. 


Regardless of the outcome of those meetings, word has it Gargano's demeanor has been changed drastically due to his title loss to Krimson, as word has it his aggression has branched out into other organizations this past weekend, where Gargano was behaving quite erratically and unlike his normal jovial and personable self. How will the frame of mind of Gargano affect the proceedings of Vic's first live event in charge?



At "Pressure Rising", the Sons of Michigan enforcer made a major statement when he emphatically disposed of THREE young wrestlers in a row when he dominated Thomas Adams and Tony Johnson before quelling a short flurry from Jay Flash. Boone plans to issue yet another open challenge and it remains to be seen who will accept and if they will be able to put a dent in a rejuvenated "Big Bear".


This in addition to what's been announced...



A couple of weeks ago we told you that Commissioner Vic Travagliante planned to meet new PRIME Champion Krimson in the middle of the ring on April 19, though his motives weren't entirely clear. Our "Pressure Rising" iPPV went off the air as Krimson being named new PRIME Champion thanks directly to Vic re-starting Krimson's match with Johnny Gargano. Vic looked on smiling, and we were left with numerous questions. Vic's later edict to schedule a face-to-face confrontation with "The Embodiment of Evil" only added intrigue - what did Vic want? And perhaps more importantly... what did he expect to get?


Another dimension has been added to this story, as Vic has made it clear that the most unstable and dangerous member of his Megalomaniac group, Rickey Shane Page, will be present in-ring when Vic & Krimson cross paths. While specific details still elude us, it seems fairly obvious that Page is there primarily as physical back-up for the commissioner in case his Krimson confrontation does not go according to plan. With two volatile personalities like Krimson & Rickey Shane Page together at once, it's difficult to think how this situation could NOT explode. Will Vic's plans work? Will Krimson & Page see eye-to-eye or will they come to blows and perhaps even end up doing battle??



Unsurprisingly, Vic's & Maguire's heavy influence almost immediately made their centerpiece "Megastar" Marion Fontaine & his distant cousin Jeremy Madrox the #1 Contenders to the PRIME Tag Team Titles. Tensions between these teams are already high due to Madrox's alleged involvement in a recent car accident that left Gowen unable to compete at the "Pressure Rising" iPPV. It's been an obvious goal of the 'Maniacs to get gold around the waist of Fontaine (who is a former PRIME Champion) and April 19 will prove a major opportunity. While one can question the validity of Fontaine & Madrox earning the shot, it's a safe bet the "Handicapped Heroes" will not turn down the challenge! Can wrestling's most inspirational stories overcome a crooked political regime?



It appears the newest Megalomaniac is being rewarded quite handsomely for his turncoat actions at "Pressure Rising". Despite not even competing in singles competition in PRIME in over six months, Vic has granted the "One Man Militia" a shot at the Television Title. It's recently been rumored that Aaron Maguire promised Matt a "signing bonus" that would be revealed April 19... is this what was being referred to? Facade has been a banner Television Champion, and is actually on pace to replace Gory as the longest reigning television champion in PRIME history, all the while rising to become one of the most popular stars on the roster. Facade & Justice were good friends in years gone by, but are far from on the same page going into April 19. Will Justice be able to cash in on this signing bonus or will Facade carry on his history making title run?


PLUS: "The Bev" Bobby Beverly, "Late Nite" Nicki Valentino, "True Talent" Bobby Shields, Aiden Veil and many more! Check back next week for more match announcements!



It's time for another great edition of IN THE ROOM, as this week Brady Hicks, Derrick McDonald, DJ, Harry Barnett, and Ray Bogusz revisit the Montreal Screwjob (and Brady's feelings it was a complete work) with Joe Dombrowski of the popular Montreal Theory DVD making the rounds. Check it out at Plus, a hearty discussion about WWE's future stars, whether or not John Cena is a bad guy, and TNA hitting a 0.9 once again. All that, and so ... much ... more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

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