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!BANG! TV Report - Season's Beatings 2 the Complete Show Now Online

Now online in Super High Quality at - the complete show from last Saturday's !BANG! TV Taping at the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida

Watch the Whole Show on !BANG! TV
Women's Tag Team Championship Match
Hollywood Heather and Chanel vs Claudia "The Claw" Reiff and Jessica "Power House" Hill

World Title Match
Cory "Wild" Weston (Champion) vs Australia's The Exclusive

Tag Team Title Match
T. J. Blake and Ron "The Man" Rymer with Chanel
Brian "Hot Shot" Davis and Jeremy "Rock Star" Spillers

International Championship
Wes Brisco vs Luke Knight

Unites States Championship
Quinton "Drop Back" Hitchcock vs The Astonishing T. J. Blake

8-Man Tag Team Match
Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum, Cory "Wild" Weston, Quinton "Drop-Back" Hitchcock
Jeremy "Rock Star" Spillers, Wes Brisco, Ron "The Man" Rymer, Brian "Hot Shot" Davis
The next !BANG! TV Taping, Support Your Troops 84, "Hell's Bells comes to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage Monday December 31st, New Year's Eve. Tickets online are available at or you may call 352-895-4658 for Ticket Information.

If you would like to become a professional wrestler and appear on !BANG! TV Call Now - 352-895-4658
Visit Dory Funk's Website at
!BANG! TV Report - What's it Like Wrestling Dory Funk Jr.? - Pro Wrestling Tonight in Ocala, Florida
Story By - Ocala Star Banner Columnist and Entertainment Editor Dave Schlenker
Hardcore Fanfest goes down in London, ON Canada on the morning of Saturday March 2nd, from 10am to 12pm fan’s will have the opportunity to attend this star studded event for just $20 per ticket are available at
Booked for this event is Devon Dudley - Christian York - Sabu - The Sandman - Raven - 2 Cold Scorpio - Stevie Richards - The Blue Meanie - Axl Rotten- Pitbull 1 Gary Wolf - Angel Of Da Baldies - Vito The Skull Lograsso - Jason Knight - CW Anderson - Tod Gordon - Bill Alfonso - Joel Gertner - Missy Hyatt
- Fan’s will have the opportunity to get pictures taken and signed autographs with there favorite stars from Extreme Championship Wrestling
- Raven will be running a Fantasy Wrestling Seminar that fans can take part in
- There will be 2 LIVE Wrestling Matches during the Hardcore Fanfest
- ECW and other Wrestling Merchandise and Memorabilia for sale
- Q&A Sessions with the Founder of Extreme Championship
Wrestling Tod Gordon and other ECW Wrestlers
- Step into the ring and do a 90 second promo video with one of your favorite stars from ECW
* If your Interested in being a vendor at this event contact Hardcore Roadtrip at [email protected]
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