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CZW, Chikara, Steve Corino, Trevor Murdoch, The Rock…

Former Two Time WWE Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch sat down with
Who’s Slamming Who host Tommy Fierro in the VOC Nation ITR Radio
Network to discuss the WWE Network, CM Punk walking out, Daniel
Bryan, and much more. 

Here is a sample of what the former WWE and TNA talent had to say:

On the WWE Network:  “I think it’s a great idea.  The WWE Network
gives the younger generation an opportunity to see what real
wrestling was.  It also reintroduces people like Roddy Piper and Ric
Flair to the younger generation.  I think it’s a great think and
I’m really glad to be a part of it.”

On the potential loss of PPV royalties to talent:  “From the
fans’ perspective, paying $40 less for a PPV is great.  From a
talent’s perspective, I think that (they) lose money.  (Talent) is
in this not only because we love wrestling, but also because we need
to provide for our families.  Once you put the PPVs on the Network,
you lose the DVD sales and merchandising aspects that you had

On whether or not he was notified of his appearances on the WWE
Network:  “I wasn’t called or notified.  Not even a letter.  I
really don’t care though; I’m glad they put my stuff on there.
It keeps my name out there.  It’s great for wrestlers that aren’t
with the company anymore.  You don’t get forgotten.”

On whether he watches the current product:  “I don’t follow it
closely.  I DVR it, watch what entertains me, and I fast forward what
doesn’t.  What gets me fired up about the WWE is that they have
such a huge pool of talented wrestlers that the whole show could be
fantastic (but it’s not).  I remember when I was a kid, I used to
hang on every single thread; now it doesn’t seem like that.”

On his favorite parts of the current product:  “I love tag team
wrestling.  I’m a big fan of what’s going on with the Usos, the
Rhoades Brothers, and the Shield.  I’m also a huge fan of Cesaro.
He’s not your typical heel; he’s a guy that you love to hate, and
that’s rare.” 

On Daniel Bryan:  “Anyone that knows Daniel knows that he’s one
of the hardest working guys in the locker room.  It’s good to see
that finally the cream rises to the top.  He deserved that, he’s
earned it, and he’s the right man for the position.  You don’t
always get what you want in life, but if you want it bad enough, you
have to keep going at it.  It’s very parallel to real life.  It’s
not WWE’s job to give people what they want right then and there.
It’s WWE’s job to draw people into their next TV program.  That
what they’ve done:  They’ve carried people over Monday to Monday
with their storyline.” 

On CM Punk’s departure:   “It’s all speculation based upon my
experience with the WWE and with Punk, but the WWE has a very bad
habit of not following through with storylines.  That’s probably
one of the reasons that Punk stepped away.  He knows the fans
aren’t stupid.  He came into WWE with a fantastic following, but
WWE didn’t understand it and kept him in developmental longer than
they should have.  He kept fighting and finally got onto the main
roster and proved himself to the WWE office and the (sarcastic)
‘fantastic’ writing staff.  They think that whatever they put out
there, they can shove down the fans throat and they’ll buy it.
They have a very contorted view of the wrestling business.”

On his current whereabouts:  “Everybody thinks that getting to the
WWE is the hardest part.  In my opinion, staying there is the hardest
part.  Being relavant is the hardest part.  Letting the office know
that you can draw money is the hardest part.  Before I got into the
wrestling business, I was working from daylight to dark, and as soon
as I got released I was working from daylight to dark.  I wrestle on
the weekends, but my wife’s family has a heavy equipment business
(and I work there).  I see so many guys that are only a few years
older than me and are walking hunched over, constantly in pain; I
feel blessed that I got out relatively healthy.”

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Steve Corino Returns home to WInnipeg, Captures PCW Heavyweight Title


March 16, 2014


WINNIPEG – Last night at Premier Championship Wrestling's (PCW) Historic 12th Anniversary Spectacular the Winnipeg born but internationally known pro wrestling star STEVE CORINO ended the 2 year reign of ANTONIO SCORPIO and captured the PCW Heavyweight Title in front of a rabid crowd


"It was an incredible night of action highlighted by a monumental victory for our new champion," said PCW Chairman Andrew Shallcross. "PCW has been fortunate to have had an ongoing relationship with Steve (Corino) for several years now. And while some controversy over the way in which he won the title shall be reviewed going forward, calling this moment anything other than historic would be an understatement."


The controversy mentioned came at the very end of the main event. Scorpio successfully defended the title against international sensation KENNY OMEGA in a thrilling encounter, leaving the champion spent. "OUTLAW" ADAM KNIGHT came to ringside with his tag partner Corino, intending to follow up on his announcement to cash in his "Golden Ticket Contract" and challenge Scorpio right then and there. Shockingly, Corino levelled The Outlaw with the Title Belt and proceeded to cash in the Ticket Himself!


PCW legal analyst "Filthy" Josh Hammerstein will be reviewing the legalities of this title change with Shallcross and the Athletic Commission in the coming days. A verdict will be announced at the upcoming PCW Event to the attendees.


Regardless, as it stands right now- Your NEW PCW Heavyweight Champion is "The King of Old School," "Mr. Wrestling III" and current Ring of Honor (ROH) Star STEVE CORINO.



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PCW / PRIMOS Canada "" 

Saturday April 5, 2014


Garden City Shopping Centre (Centre Court)

$15 at the Door ($12 in advance)
7 PM Start Time 

Former WWE, Current New Japan star HARRY SMITH vs "OUTLAW" ADAM KNGIHT in the first STEEL CAGE MATCH in Winnipeg in a decade!
[email protected]




Our 6.21.14 event in Chicago sold out in just 12 days - so we're adding another!

CHIKARA is back at last! When we announced our 2014 tour would take us to Chicago, we had no idea the fervor this would unleash - the event completely sold out before some fans could even get tickets! But we don't want anyone to miss out on our annual visit to the Windy City!

Today, we are pleased to tell our Illinois-area fans: you aren't out of luck! In cooperation with our friends at the Logan Square Auditorium, we are adding not just another card to the docket - "Quantum of Solace" - but an interactive fan event that we like to call the "Expansion Pack" to the day as well!

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Thanks to Jeff Sheridan for this link on The Rock





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