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LOTR 17, FWF, CZW, Ohio Prime, Shimmer, Bang TV & much more…


We are very close to capacity on several LOTR catagories of LOTR tickets. Final deadline for ALL ticket sales is OCTOBER 1st.

If you are planning on attending and HAVE NOT purchased your tickets et it is HIGHLY ADVISED to get your tickets by this deadline. We cannot guarantee any ticket availability if you take the chance and wait until the day of.



Melina talks LOTR
JBL talks APA Reunion at LOTR





Fri, Oct 4 - "The Memory Remains" Alzheimer's Benefit
Philadelphia, PA


Friday, October 4 - CZW and MBA presents 'The Memory Remains', an Alzheimer's Benefit, at the Vogt Rec Center, 6700 Cottage Ave, Philadelphia, PA with a 7:15 pm bell time for a recommended $10 donation:


Drew Blood thinks he can "bulldoze" the competition, but Matt Tremont has other plans as they face off on October 4.

Latin Dragon will take on Xavier Cross.

Also featuring Devon Moore, Joe Gacy, & more to be announced!


Show your support on the Facebook event site


Sat, Oct 12 - Cerebral iPPV - House of Horrors Match
Voorhees, NJ


On Saturday, October 12 - CZW 'Cerebral' LIVE on iPPV in a double header with WSU at Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ. WSU 4 pm, CZW at 7:30 pm:


In a House of Horrors Match: A year of frustration will lead Joe Gacy and Matt Tremont to try and send the other into their own personal hell.

Two odd couple teams battle when Shane Hollister & Caleb Konley face "The Juicy Product" JT Dunn & David Starr.

Show your support on the Face book event site!

Tickets available
online & at the door!





WWE in the NY Daily News on Sunday


After clicking this link: , scroll to look for this:

"No. 5 — Pro Wrestling debuts in Brooklyn
We’re hesitant to call professional wrestling a sport, but any man or woman who backflips off a ladder onto a table is certainly an athlete. And, for one night at Barclays Center, these daredevils in tights put on a show in Brooklyn.
In its earlier years, World Wrestling Entertainment called Madison Square Garden its home, with Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan as the main attractions.
Across the river, Barclays Center went hardcore in its pro wrestling debut, hosting a Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view on Dec. 16. The rules? Well, for the most part, there were none for the 14-fight card. “Tables, Ladders and Chairs” signifies the inanimate objects thrown into the ring during these matches. They’re used as weapons, mostly, because there’s no better way to rev up a crowd than to smash an opponent with a metal ladder.
A sold-out crowd of 15,748 witnessed plenty of scripted violence and blood, but the good guy lost in the main event.
John Cena, the wholesome American, was about to climb the ladder to retrieve the belt to the WWE champion, but was pushed away by a third party on a wicked quest. Dolph Ziggler then climbed the ladder to retrieve his belt.
Still, pro wrestling found another home in New York. Seven months later, WWE returned to the Barclays Center for Monday Night Raw."

Thanks to Mike Informer for this link on Adam Pearce & Colt Cabana's Seven Levels of Hate DVD




PRIME "Wrestlelution 6" Live iPPV October 20 3pm - Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano plus Rhino, Jimmy Jacobs, Zach Gowen, Gregory Iron, Matt Cross, Krimson, Facade & more!

PRIME Wrestling presents an annual tradition, its biggest show of the year! It's Wrestlelution 6: Art of War, Sunday afternoon, October 20 at 3pm EST from the Ohio Nets Sports Complex, 12665 Corporate Drive in Parma, OH. Tickets are on sale NOW in our "Store" and also in our Wrestlelution 6 Mini-Site at (click on the top right banner on our home page) and can be reserved NOW for as little as $15. Do not miss the three biggest hours of in-ring action in PRIME Wrestling all year! Don't miss a chance to be part of a live pay-per-view in person! But if you can't be there live, visit, click on iPPV, follow the instructions and watch from home for only $14.99!

This week, we round out the card with three huge match announcements!


Several weeks ago, "The Whole Shebang" was handed a mysterious note after a match. Later, we found out the contents - Commissioner Vic Travagliante, in an effort to rid Gargano from the PRIME Championship scene once and for all had signed a match for Wrestlelution 6 with the stipulation that if Gargano lost, he could NEVER again challenge for the title he is so synonymous with. Furthermore, his opponent... former World Tag Team Champion Paul London! London has appeared in virtually every wrestling organization and has dazzled fans across the world with his breathtaking athleticism, and propensity to take any risk necessary to win. Few men can match either Johnny Gargano or Paul London in-ring... but without question, they are both a formidable match for one another. Some may call it a dream match, but Gargano must win to keep his dream alive. Paul London, however, no doubt wants to make an impact by defeating arguably the greatest PRIME Champion ever. Who will survive what is sure to be among the most unforgettable battles in the storied history of Wrestlelution?



How to sum up the turmoil that has engulfed these four athletes? Facade & Lyndon helped dominate tag team wrestling in PRIME as part of the Ninja Elite Squad, staying solidified for three years, until the lure of singles gold created a rift between them that has yet to be repaired. Facade took great pride in defending the PRIME TV Title, however Louis Lyndon took it as a personal slight that Facade gave Louis no chance in defeating him for the prize. This relationship has only become more strained under the watchful eye of the manipulative Jimmy Jacobs, who has targeted both in his latest web of mind games. However, when Jacobs crossed paths with Dead Wrestling Society member Gory along the way, these two macabre creatures did not see eye-to-eye. All four of these athletes have something to prove, and only one will be left standing under this elimination rules format that is a strong candidate to steal the show!


SIX-MAN TAG: Sons of Michigan & Bobby Shields vs. Bryan Castle, Jay Flash & Aiden Veil

Three veterans who have experienced embarrassing career lows are out for revenge against the three men responsible for humiliating them. Bryan Castle has seemed to have the number of the angry veteran Mattson in recent months. Veil, the young 21-year-old rock band drummer, scored an impressive upset over Bobby Shields this past spring. Meanwhile, who could forget young Jay Flash, who was repeatedly annihilated by Benjamin Boone before coming back a third time and scoring a shocking upset pin over "The Big Bear"... twice! Can these three success stories make magic happen again with The Sons & Shields all out to prove they should never have been left out of the continuing faction warfare atop the PRIME Wrestling cards? Will these grizzled veterans showcase what they're truly capable of?


All this in addition to what we announced last week...



Last year at Wrestlelution 5, Rhino destroyed our wrestling ring and shattered Jason Bane's Wrestlelution win streak, instantly making headlines and putting himself in line for a shot at the PRIME Championship, then held by Johnny Gargano. However, Krimson & his Dead Wrestling Society took none too kindly to the Extreme Legend yet PRIME newcomer's title aspirations, so both Gargano & Rhino became targets. Once Krimson conquered Gargano under controversial means, Rhino was ready to extract revenge, but Commissioner Vic T had kept Rhino from returning in the hopes of having the PRIME Title to control himself. However, with the balance of power now more level, the door was open for Rhino to return and claim what was his... a rightful opportunity to get revenge on Krimson and become PRIME Champion... and it will be both men's specialty... No Disqualification. Both Krimson and Rhino are infamous for a career filled with broken tables, violence and brutality. What will they do to one another with no rules and the title at stake October 20?


PRIME TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox vs. Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen

When The Megalomaniacs took power, the PRIME Tag Titles were among their first goals, and they had a foolproof plan in place - divide and conquer. After accusing Zach of "excessive brutality" in a match with Fontaine, Commissioner Vic ejected the "One Legged Wonder" from the building, leaving his "Handicapped Hero" partner Iron all alone to fend off both Fontaine & Madrox in a tag team title defense. While Iron demonstrated the heart and courage to persevere, the numbers were insurmountable and we had new tag team champions - without the prior tag team champions having ever being defeated together. Iron & Gowen spent weeks just trying to earn permission back into PRIME buildings, let alone receiving a title shot. The deck was always stacked - Vic was always on the take, and The Handicapped Heroes forced to conform to impossible rules, such as Greg wrestling with one arm tied behind his back. The Heroes have stated all they want is a fair opportunity to show they have what it takes to overcome. Their day has arrived on October 20, can Wrestlelution 6 be the site of their moment of reclamation or will Fontaine & Madrox stay a step ahead?


PRIME TV TITLE MATCH: Matthew Justice w/Marti Belle vs. "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross

Last February at our "Pressure Rising" iPPV, it appeared "One Man Militia" Matthew Justice's return was exactly what the PRIME Foundation needed to fend off the growing Megalomaniacs. That is, until, Justice swerved us all, revealing his true allegiance by breaking a laptop computer over the back of Matt Cross and giving full control of PRIME to the enemy. Justice followed that up by capturing the PRIME Television Title & receiving a special "signing bonus" in the form of Marti Belle. Meanwhile, Matt Cross disappeared from the PRIME landscape for several weeks. Cross couldn't bear to watch something he had such a major hand in creating - as the company's first ever champion AND first-ever two-time champion, be destroyed by ego, politics, and corporate greed. Cross returned with a vengeance early this summer, and immediately targeted Justice, only to be stonewalled by Justice & Vic, who denied every one of M-Dogg's requests. With the balance of power in limbo, Cross gets what could be his only shot to redeem the incident that led to PRIME Wrestling spiraling out of control this past February. Where does the fate of the TV Title lie and can Matthew Justice remain the trump card in the Megalomaniacs' plot for undying power?



"The Bev" has become arguably the most improved member of the PRIME roster in recent months, however it's easy to overlook this fact based on the chaos and turmoil that has surrounded the organization all year. As a result, Beverly has made it a point to "step up" and challenge the best - teaming with Johnny Gargano to defeat the Dead Wrestling Society and pursuing TV Champion Matthew Justice being just two of "The Bev's" recent goals. However, after a cheap shot by the most intimidating Megalomaniac - the near 300-lb unstable Rickey Shane Page, Beverly found his next target. These two physical competitors will battle one-on-one for the very first time in PRIME as part of major stakes on the line. Who can set the tone for their team and help their side attain the ultimate possession... control over the entire company.


Best of Three Series: Justin LaBar vs. Vic Travagliante

As if the previous three Megalomaniac vs. PRIME Foundation matches aren't prestigious enough by themselves, they will also be part of a much larger picture. Each of those bouts are part of the "Best of Three" series between the dueling factions on the night, with whichever side who captures the most wins getting to choose the PRIME Commissioner going forward. Vic Travagliante replaced LaBar as Commissioner this past February after an elaborate months-long plot put he and Aaron Maguire in positions of power, manipulating the rest of management, and carrying out their selfish agenda at the expense of everyone. Justin LaBar carried out some revenge when he, much like Vic had done to him months earlier, found Vic's laptop and used its contents to get some of his demands met. Either LaBar exposes Vic's selfish plot to the rest of upper management, or LaBar's "suggestions" for Wrestlelution 6 matches become approved. As a result, ALL of the power is at stake in this Best of Three series. Will PRIME remain in Megalomaniac hands? If so, what is its future? Can the fate of the company be restored to those who truly helped build it?


"Old School Muscle" Nicki Valentino vs. ???? w/Chris Van Vliet

Chris Van Vliet is a well-known area television & radio personality best known from the WOIO news team. Chris served as special guest ring announcer last year at Wrestlelution 5 and, when Valentino attempted to steal Van Vliet's chair to use as a weapon during the show's main event, a scuffle between the two ensued, ending when Valentino sent Van Vliet spilling over top of a ringside table (you can see the footage here: Valentino blamed that moment, and the lasting mental effect it has had, as to why he has been unable to carry out his assigned Megalomaniac missions. Van Vliet, who was recently backstage visiting as he frequently is during many of our PRIME live events, came out to the ring area to address these accusations. Van Vliet adamantly stated he's here to have a good time, not fight, but if it's a fight Valentino wants, Van Vliet would be more than happy to find a suitable opponent to represent him at Wrestlelution 6 on October 20. So Nicki Valentino will battle a mystery opponent hand-chosen by Chris Van Vliet. But whom will Van Vliet select for the job?


All of this and we STILL aren't done telling you about this event! We'll have more news and rumors on who may be popping up at the biggest event of the year! Remember, it all goes down at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex in Parma, OH on Sunday, October 20 at 3pm EST. Be there live by reserving your tickets now or watch from home on iPPV! Log onto and click the appropriate links in the upper menu to ensure you're part of the biggest event of the year as it happens!





SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES News for September 23, 2013

Courtesy of the SHIMMER Yahoo Group

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- Hiroyo Matsumoto returns to SHIMMER in less than 4 weeks!
- Official schedule of SHIMMER Weekend gatherings released!
- SHIMMER 53 & 54 DVDs now available for pre-order!


We're 26 days away from the next SHIMMER weekend in the Chicago area!

SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES is proud to announce the addition of HIROYO MATSUMOTO to the SHIMMER 58-61 weekend of events, October 19th & 20th at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL! Visit for tickets.


SHIMMER 58-61 will take place at the Berwyn Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL on Saturday & Sunday, October 19th & 20th, 2013. Bell time on Saturday, October 19th is 2pm. Bell time on Sunday, October 20th is 1pm. The events are suitable for all ages.

Over half of the tickets for the events have already been sold. Don't miss out! Front row reserved seating is already completely sold out for the entire weekend. General admission tickets are still available, at a cost of $30 per full day of taping (two DVD volumes worth of live matches each day, so essentially $15 per DVD). You may use the PayPal buttons at to purchase tickets online. If you need to purchase tickets via money order, send an E-mail to [email protected] for mail order instructions. Due to limited seating in the small venue, we strongly suggest that you purchase tickets in advance if you plan to attend.

Discuss the SHIMMER 58-61 tapings in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forum...


Below is a list of fan gatherings during SHIMMER weekend, both before and after the various shows. Feel free to use the thread on The SHIMMER Forum located at to plan other potential stops that weekend, wherever you wish to congregate with your fellow SHIMMER fans.

Wednesday, October 16th: 8pm until closing
The Squared Circle (2418 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago)
SHIMMER 56 & 57 Viewing Party!

Friday, October 18th: During the afternoon before AAW, as well as after AAW
The Squared Circle (2418 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago)
SHIMMER Weekend Kickoff!

Saturday, October 19th: 9pm until closing
Paisans Pizzeria & Bar (6226 W. Ogden Ave. in Berwyn)
SHIMMER 58 & 59 After Party

Sunday, October 20th: 8pm until 10pm
Paisans Pizzeria & Bar (6226 W. Ogden Ave. in Berwyn)
SHIMMER 60 & 61 After Party

Sunday, October 20th: 10:30pm until they decide to close!
The Squared Circle (2418 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago)
SHIMMER 60 & 61 After-After Party

Monday, October 21st: 7pm until closing
The Squared Circle (2418 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago)
Catch RAW at TSC if you're still in town!

Also, for those staying in close proximity to the Eagles Club for the duration of the weekend, please give your business to our buddy Ronnie Lottz at Cigars & Stripes (6715 W. Ogden Ave. in Berwyn). Perhaps you will even see the mummy!

!BANG! TV Report - Amazing Kong New Real Women's World Champion (Fatal 4-Way Last Woman Standing)

Now on !BANG! TV Women's Fatal 4-Way, "Last Woman Standing" for the Women's World Championship - Amazing Kong vs Claudia "The Claw" Reiff vs Hollywood Heather vs Jessica "Power-House" Hill.

Direct Link - or visit our website at .

Other Main Events on this card include:
6-Person Intergender Tag Team
Dory Funk Jr. (with Noah Maycer), Johnny Magnum and Hector "Taino" Alicea
Amazing Kong, Shane Chung, Ryan "The Rogue" Passmore

3-Way Dance for the Hard-Core Championship
Ryan "The Rogue" Passmore vs "Bulldog" Bryson Michaels vs Moose McNamara with Hollywood Heather

International Championship
Shane Chung vs Hector "Taino" Alicea (Special Presentation of the Fighting Heart Award to Quinton "Drop-Back" Hitchcock)
Direct Link - or visit our website at .
Next !BANG! TV Taping Friday October 18th Support Your Troops 97, "Morbid Power." - You may purchase tickets online here or call 352-895-4658 for ticket information.
FWF Comes to New Castle, DE on 10/4 with Kevin Nash

Popular northeast pro wrestling promotion Funkdafied Wrestling Federation returns to New Castle, DE's Nur Shrine Temple (198 South Dupont Highway/U.S. 13 & 40, just south of New Castle Airport, minutes from I-95/295/495) on Friday night October 4th at 7:45pm for a big all-star show.


And when we say big... they don't get much bigger than the 7-foot-tall former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, who will make his first ever Delaware appearance for FWF that night.


Plus this show will feature all of your favorite FWF stars including FWF Heavyweight Champion The Atomic Dog, FWF Tag-Team Champions The 2 Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Rampage" Rogers), Lumberjack Monroe in what he is saying is his "Retirement Match, "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie, "Black Atlas" Cocky Johnson, Lightning Bolt Johnson, "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm, The Funky White Boy, and more.


Tickets are priced at only $20, with all seats ringside, and are available online at 

Or by calling the FWF Box Office at (302) 420-7287

All major charge cards are accepted, and group rates are available.

Follow the FwF at

or on Facebook at





Former American Gladiator to appear in NY & NJ


Raye “Zap” Hollitt will be a Vendor Guest at Legends of the Ring on October 5th in New Jersey.

October 6th – Meet former American Gladiator Raye “Zap” Hollitt from 1 PM to 3 PM at The Wrestling Universe, 3429 Francis Lewis Blvd., Flushing, NY 11358. For more info call (718) 460-2777.





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