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  • Bob Mulrenin

Davey Richards, Glacier, Zach Gowen, The Rock, Hardcore Roadtrip…

Davey Richards was interviewed by Randy Cauthron of the Spencer Daily Reporter.

Saturday May 31st in London, ON Mikey Whipwreck will debut for HRT at Banned In The USA II and The Extreme Rivalry. The ECW Triple Crown Champion will join ECW Alumni in Super Crazy, The FBI's Little Guido, The Enforcer CW Anderson, Balls Mahoney and ROH's Homicide Plus Many More!

Fans that purchase tickets before midnight tonight will get $20 off The Hardcore & Extreme Super Tickets!

"Finding Zach Gowen" - Full-Length Documentary On Sale Starting WrestleMania Weekend (DVD & Digital)

After a tumultuous childhood, an 8-year-old Zach Gowen faced the ultimate adversity - cancer. It was a battle that would cost Zach his left leg, but still he refused to be a victim. Just ten years later, Zach would see his childhood dream come true - a career as a world-famous professional wrestler, eventually signing with the global phenomenon World Wrestling Entertainment. However, success was fleeting, and a young, immature, and now unemployed Zach now found himself on a new road - one of self-destruction. Fame and fortune gave way to drugs and alcohol, and it seemed like what was once an inspirational story of hope was destined for a dark and depressing end - death. Had Zach lost his way for good or could he re-discover that light that had guided him through so many perils of his past? For the first time ever, watch in its entirety, the life story of one man who was given everything, before he was ready to handle anything, and who had to lose it all... to find himself.

"Finding Zach Gowen: The Life Story of the World's First One-Legged Pro Wrestler" is a 2-plus hour journey of emotion and drama that must be seen to be believed. Despite being just 30 years of age, Zach has experienced enough to fill four or five lifetimes, and for the first time ever, Zach is completely open and honest about his greatest triumphs & tragedies in this two-disc four-hour DVD set.

FEATURING: In-depth interviews with Zach Gowen and his family & personal friends, as well as wrestling superstars Jimmy Jacobs, Truth Martini, Rhino, Paul London, Jimmy Korderas, Gregory Iron and more!

Rarely or never-before-seen photographs and video footage of Zach throughout his life from the cast's personal collections!

Plus: Special Bonus Matches featuring alternate commentary by Zach himself, including:
Zach Gowen vs. Truth Martini (Zach's first ever match)
Zach Gowen vs. N8 Mattson (Zach's final match before rehab)
Zach Gowen, Christopher Daniels & Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition & N8 Mattson
Zach Gowen vs. Gregory Iron


"Finding Zach Gowen" will be available in New Orleans next weekend! Film co-producer Joe Dombrowski (Montreal Theory, Ring of Honor) will be on hand at the following locations:

Mid-South Legends Fanfest - Friday, April 4 -
Wrestlecon - Saturday & Sunday, April 5-6 -

"Finding Zach Gowen" will also be available on DVD as well as Digital Download starting April 4 on

Stay tuned, as we release the official "Finding Zach Gowen" trailer in the coming days!

For more information stay posted to www.Joe-Dombrowski or find Joe or Zach on Facebook or Twitter!
The Rock talks about Paul Walker's death as next Fast & Furious movie starts filming
Former WCW star Ray "Glacier" Lloyd stepped in to the IN THE ROOM program with Brady Hicks and his crew this past Tuesday night to talk about his time with WCW and what it could have been; his legacy in wrestling; thoughts on DDP, Bill Goldberg, and The Great Muta; the lack of the territories; and what mentor Lou Thesz thought of his Glacier character. Plus, Lloyd gives the inside scoop on his new Florida Fight League.

IN THE ROOM airs live Tuesday nights, 9 PM ET, as part of the VOC Nation Radio Network at Call in to the show (855) VOC-RADIO.

On WWE's "Attitude Era": I think WWE was definitely on the inside lane on [being racy] ... I just wasn't a fan of [risque content]. I never have been and I never will be. I think that a great wrestling show should be family entertainment for everybody, from the 5-year-old to the 95-year-old. I'm not saying that there's gotta be a totally. absolute G-rated type of thing. You just don't need to push the envelope as far as profanity and all of that stuff. You just don't need it. It's a cheap gimmick that only gets a limited reaction ... I know you don't need all that to have a great show, and I think at the end of the day fans really appreciate that. You can go edgy, that's fine. But you don't have to go there. To me, anybody could do that. My grandmother could get in the ring and curse at people. She probably could do a great job at it. That doesn't say you're a professional to me.

On The Character of Glacier: Did it turn out exactly the way I'd hoped? Absolutely not. Then again, I don't know of any wrestlers whose careers did turn out as they hoped. The thing was we were given a great challenge, to bring something to life that had never been done before. Eric [Bischoff]'s vision was to bring heavyweights into the ring that really kind of move like cruiserweights, and it had never really been done before. Kind of bring a video game to life in the ring. He was very, very determined that he wanted it to be played totally straight. He didn't want it to be made fun of or comical ... Some people laugh all the time at the Glacier gimmick, but I say all the time, "As soon as I'm done with the wrestling, I've got a great Halloween costume. Trick or treat!"

On the "Secret" to Succeeding: I tell these young wrestlers that ask me ... looking for that mythical secret that doesn't exist ... You have to be consumed by this business. Its gotta to be a 100% commitment. That means when you're sitting at home and you're watching TV, and you see something on TV that you can somehow take that, add that and make it part of your gimmick or who you are. You have to be thinking and you have to be on all of the time. You have to constantly be thinking, "How can I get better? What can I do to improve? What can I do to stand out? What can I do to make me better so that I can share that?" ... People will forget what you said or what you did, but they won't forget how you made them feel.

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