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Frankie Kazarian was interviewed on 4th & Pain:

The interview will also air this Sunday at 8am on 106.7 “The Fan” in Washington, DC.


Just in time for San Diego Comic Con, Christopher Daniels was a guest on the Myth Media Podcast.

“Daniels discusses his 35 years as a comic book fan with specific attention paid to his favorite franchise, X-Men, and his favorite character Wolverine. In the interview, Daniels discusses how he became a fan, some of his favorite comic book runs over the years, how he feels about the “X-Men” film franchise,  what he thinks of “The Wolverine” just two weeks ahead of his release, and how he feels about the Quicksilver controversy. He also reveals how he continues to fuel his fandom for his favorites and other Marvel titles like “Avengers Arena” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” 


!BANG! TV Report - Cory "Wild" Weston Signs with WWE

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the WWE has signed yet another independent talent in Cory "Wild" Weston. Weston was reportedly scouted by Gerald Brisco, and was a student of Dory Funk, Jr's wrestling school.

From Funking Conservatory Wrestling we are proud of the accomplishments of Cory "Wild" Weston. Cory is an example of what can be accomplished with dedication and hard work.
Now online at watch Cory "Wild" Weston in action at Funking Conservatory Wrestling.
You may also link direct to see Cory "Wild" Weston in Action at

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Hugh Jackman - Hugh Jackman: The Rock's diet is crazy
by Bang Showbiz | 20 July 2013

Hugh Jackman thinks Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's 6,000 calorie a day diet is ''crazy''.

Hugh Jackman thinks Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's diet is ''crazy''.

The 44-year-old actor relied on his Hollywood pal to help him bulk up to reprise his titular role in new superhero movie 'The Wolverine' - after losing a considerable amount of weight filming musical movie 'Les Miserables' - and the 'Fast & Furious 6' star advised him to follow his own gruelling fitness regime.

Hugh told BANG Showbiz: ''I called my buddy The Rock for tips. I lost weight doing 'Les Mis'. He said, 'Here's the deal - three hours in the gym and 6,000 calories, eating very lean. You gotta do that for six months.' I did it and let me tell you, The Rock is crazy! He is insane. But we did it and the results are there.''

Hugh's superhero diet mainly consisted of protein-packed chicken breasts, but the star admits he can no longer stand the sight of them after filming the movie.

He added: ''Let me just say, I will not be eating chicken breasts for lunch anymore!''

Dwayne, 41, recently revealed his strict diet and exercise plan as he films new action movie, 'Hercules: The Thracian Wars', which includes no less than seven meals a day over a course of 22 weeks mainly consisting of chicken, halibut fish, broccoli, asparagus, baked potatoes and egg whites.
Airdate: July 13, 2013

Scheduled for this week's episode...

It's a re-visitation of one of PRIME's most long-standing and vicious rivalries. Last year, Facade and Gory relentlessly assaulted one another over the grand prize of the PRIME Television Title. While Gory dominated much of the feud, holding that championship captive, it was Facade who successfully liberated the gold, then finished off Gory for good in a brutal Casket Match at Wrestlelution 5. Now, a year later, circumstances brings these two men back together. Facade seemed to have had an awkward moment with friend and tag partner of three years Louis Lyndon when Facade saved Louis from Jimmy Jacobs on our last episode. Will that still be in the "Neon Ninja's" mind? Gory has been backing up PRIME Champion Krimson in their quest to keep The Dead Wrestling Society the top faction in PRIME. Who will come out on top as the fires of hatred are re-kindled this week?

PRIME TV TITLE: Matthew Justice w/Marti Belle vs. Gregory Iron w/Zach Gowen
The cornerstone of the Megalomaniacs, the man who made the plan all come together, Matthew Justice, and his "signing bonus" Marti Belle are enjoying life with Matt as the new PRIME Television Champion. Gregory Iron is at the opposite end of that spectrum, as one of the most victimized members of the PRIME Foundation looking to re-claim what they'd built. After Greg and partner Zach Gowen were cheated out of the PRIME Tag Titles, they were also thrown out of the Cleveland Agora. Now, as we hit the road, Greg & Zach have regained building access and are ready to fight! Could Greg shift the balance of power with a big TV title win?

Benjamin Boone Open Challenge
The Sons of Michigans' heavy continues his quest for competition - over the past several months we've seen Boone dispose of many adversaries - young journeymen such as Jay Flash looking for a break, but at what cost? Who will be next to step up to the plate and face the "Big Bear"?

"M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross Speaks!
We haven't heard nor seen Matt Cross in PRIME since he was betrayed by Matthew Justice at "Pressure Rising". Rumors & reports state that the pressure of watching a company he had helped build for six years potentially come to a crashing halt under its current regime of Megalomania, was too much for Matt to bear, and he needed to take time away to not watch something he loved suffer. Matt has stated his intentions to speak out this week, but what will he say? Is he back in action? Is he gone for good? Matt sheds some light this week!

Plus: Nicki Valentino looks to make an impact, we hear from a star returning to PRIME, and we prepare you for a HUGE six-man tag main event on the horizon!

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