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  • Bob Mulrenin

Update on Superstar Billy Graham from his Agent
After a great receiving at Wrestlecon last week, Superstar Billy Graham went on his first vacation in probably 30 years with wife Valerie to see the Grand Teton mountains in Wyoming.
Val just texted me he is in a hospital in Wyoming with pneumonia and some form of internal bleeding.  She thinks this may be a very serious bout.  I am praying big time.

Please have Wayne in your prayers.
XWW presents "Xtreme Warfare"
April 18th
Club Hush
Charlotte, North Carolina
7pm est.

XWW Heavyweight champion
Big Country
US Champion
Sweet Dreamz
New XWW Commissioner
Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling"
Eric Adamz
Manny Mac
Belton Creedmore
Just Us League
Jasen Cross
Money Enterprises
The Vindicator

and more stars of XWW.

XWW presents "Retribution 2013"
April 28th
Kate's Skating Rink
Indian Trail, North Carolina
7pm est.

XWW championship and Hardcore championship both on the line!
Big Country (XWW heavyweight champion)
Belton Creedmore (XWW Hardcore Champion)

XWW US Championship
Sweet Dreamz (US Champion)
Jasen Cross

Stro/Adamz First Time Ever
Former US Champion
"The Puerto Rican Lion" Eric Adamz
XWW Commissioner
Former WCW/NWA star Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling"

Last Man Standing
Garrett Sinclair
Murph Mancini

XWW Tag Team Championship
Double Vision
Just Us League

and more stars of XWW.

Thanks to Devin
Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling will be holding an event on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 at Slim's Sports Bar & Grill in Holiday, Florida. Tickets cost $12 in advance & $15 at the door. Go to for more info.
Thanks to Mike Informer
!BANG! TV Report - Funking Conservatory - Credibility in Professional Wrestling
Sports Entertainment, Athletic Performance or as Ric Flair calls it "This Great Sport" Professional Wrestling."
Now on !BANG! TV "Credibility in Professional Wrestling." Featuring the return of Cory "Wild" Weston facing a young and athletic performer, "The Rogue" Ryan Passmore. Cory receives an Un-Welcome hand from T. J. Blake who has harsh words for Wild Weston.
In a match that bares a resemblance to the finals of the NCAA Amateur Wrestling Tournament, Quinton "Drop-Back" Hitchcock takes on Pennsylvania's highly ranked amateur wrestler Danimal Svonavec.
In a Special Training Match - Coach Dory Funk lays down the conditions to be followed by Hollywood Heather and Jessica "Power-House" Hill with instructions to the Referee Claudia "The Claw" Reiff to perform as the "Great Communicator between what happens in the match and the wrestling fans.
In an Australian Rules Tag Team Match "The German Warrior" Ron "The Man" Rymer and Brian "Hot Shot" Davis take on Greg "Dynamite" Davis and "Bulldog" Bryson Michaels. In a "Bazaar" Twist of Fate, Hot Shot Davis Walks on Ron "The Man" Rymer leaving the match Australian Rules, "2 Against 1."
The complete show, "Credibility in Professional Wrestling" is now online at or you may go by direct link

The next !BANG! TV Taping, "Support Your Troops 90, "Parade of Champions comes to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Saturday April 27th - Headlining the Show Team Dory Funk Jr. vs Team Wes Brisco - Dory Funk, Johnny Magnum and Quinton "Drop-Back" Hitchcock vs Wes Brisco, Cory "Wild" Weston and Brian "Hot Shot" Davis
In a Funking Conservatory Title Match Champion Quinton "Drop-Back" Hitchcock will defend against Wes Brisco.
There will be a Ladies 3-Way Dance for the Women's Championship.- Jessica "Power-House" Hill vs Claudia "The Claw" Reiff vs Hollywood Heather.

For the complete card, ticket purchase and more information - Visit Dory Funk's Website at
Join Dory Funk and Marti on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube -
Learn to wrestle and appear on !BANG! TV Call Now - 352-895-4658
World’s Best Wrestling returned to Sardinia, Ohio on Saturday April 13, 2013 for WBW: World War Rumble. And what a night of action it was fans! If you weren’t there, here’s what went down…

The show began with the V.L. and Sara Stricklet of Wrestle Ohio coming to the ring. They stated they were sorry to hear that “Loony” Mike Horton and “Big Kahuna” Kenny Lucas were in some sort of accident but they would be more than happy to step in and run the show tonight. ”American Made” Jason Legend and Ranger Bob then came to the ring. Ranger Bob tells Wrestle Ohio Loony may be hospitalized but he was able to sign temporary talent relations power over to him and he will be the President of Talent Relations for the night. WO protests and Ranger Bob promptly told the to get out of his ring or Legend will escort you. WO says you are very lucky Tyson isn’t here yet, and they both will pay later tonight.

Ranger Bob welcomed everyone to the show and then introduced Matthew Beha to sing our countries National Anthem.

“Bad News” Keith Hamblin vs. Eclipso

The tough as nails Bad News made his WBW debut and took it too Eclipso hard to start the match, but in the end the high flying Eclipso came out victorious.

Winner: Eclipso

Grizzly Monsoon w/ Wrestle Ohio vs. Randy “The King” Allen

Grizzly Monsoon was led to the ring by VL and Sara Striclett of Wrestle Ohio. The recently fired Sharon Rock sat in the front row and was taunted by the duo. They then told Grizzly that they were going to teach him a lesson in obedience for the way he disobeyed them. He would be forced to fight his oppnent with his hands tied together. His opponent was then announced. Making his WBW debut, Randy “The King” Allen.

Randy put a severe beating on Monsoon who could only retaliate with biting and head butts. Grizzly was eventually beaten down, but a frantic Sharon Rock emerged from the crowd and cheered him on. Grizzly seemed energized by this support and broke his bonds when Mastermind grabbed Sharon and Sara attacked her. Chaos ensued as Grizzly, Allen, RangerBob, Sara, and Mastermind skirmished on the outside. The ref eventually declared the match a double count-out and a protective Grizzly escorted Sharon to the back.

Winner: Draw due to double count-out.

Jerry Andrews with Hollywood Bobby Olsen vs. “Lil Hulk” Jake Ashworth

Jerry Andrews made his WBW debut and didn’t win over any new fans. He and Bobby Olsen came to the ring and took no time belittling and insulting the fans. The fans, however, soon lit up as fan favorite “Lil Hulk” Jake Ashworth came to the ring and proceeded to take the fight to the newcomer. A great back and forth match that spilled in and out of the ring — in the end Lil Hulk came out on top.

Winner: “Lil” Hulk Jake Ashworth

Flash Fury (NH Champion) vs. “Die Hard” Tom McClane vs. “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson vs. Brutal Bellman: Fatal Four Way for the Northern Heritage Championship.

McClane came out first, accompanied by Wrestle Ohio, and was nearly booed out of the building. Brutal Bellman was introduced next and hit the ring in a frenzy and igniting the crowd. Devlin Anderson, however, almost staggered to the ring, and it was apparent to everyone around that he was slightly intoxicated. This didn’t affect his status with the crowd, who cheered him on when he cracked open a new bottle of whiskey and shared it with RangerBob. The crowd nearly brought the roof down when Flash Fury, the Northern Heritage Champion, was introduced. The crowd’s cheers gave Flash a frenetic energy that few had ever seen before from the champion. The match was electric, Brutal Bellman was first to fall via a roll-up by McClane. The next to fall was McClane who was pinned by Flash Fury. Before Flash could fully enjoy his elimination he was cheap attacked by “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson and pinned. Devlin then revealed he had joined Wrestle Ohio.

Winner: “Re-Enforcer” Devlin Anderson

World War Rumble

There were eight entrants from eight countries in the Rumble with the winner receiving the right to pick his match at the next event.

1. Jason Legend (USA)
2. Tyson Rogers (Iran)
3. Sal Calzone (Italy)
4. Grizzly Monsoon (Manchurian China)
5. Tejo Kahn (Mongolia)
6. The Mystery Man (Tasmania)
7. Gee Gee (Canada)
8. Devlin Anderson (Ireland)

The fans were stunned by the early eliminations of Jason Legend and Tyson, and thrilled by the debuts of Sal Calzone and Gee Gee. In the end the Rumble came down to Devlin, The Mystery Man, and Tejo. The Mystery Man eliminated to reveal he was actually Brutal Bellman he then proceeded to jump over the top rope and attack Devlin. Tejo Kahn came away with the victory, and a choice of matches at the next event.

Winner: Tejo Kahn

Ranger Bob entered the ring to announce the main event, only to be interrupted by WBW CEO Dude Rock. Dude maintained that, due to RangerBob managing “American Made” Jason Legend in the match, he was too impartial to perform ring announcer duties and he would announce and remain at ring side. After several back-and-forth exchanges on the mic — which included a “Best Dressed” vote by the crowd (to Dude’s surprise, but to no one else, Ranger Bob won), Dude threatened Ranger Bob with a $1,000.00 fine if he didn’t leave the ring and allow Dude to proceed with announcing the upcoming match. Ranger Bob relented, and Dude announced the next match. Ranger Bob “accidentally” slipped and struck Dude in the head with a ball bat and Dude was promptly evacuated to the back.

Tyson Rogers (Champion) with Wrestle Ohio vs. “American Made” Jason Legend with RangerBob: World’s Best Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match with Boot Camp Rules

Both men entered the ring ready for war, and a war is what happened. Legend went right after Tyson, hoping to catch the big man off-guard, with a flurry of punches to the jaw and side of the head. Wrestle Ohio — with Tom McClane and Devlin Anderson — attempted to intervene, but referee Adam Fuson ejected them from ringside. Wrestle Ohio was livid, calling for RangerBob’s ejection, as well. The referee maintained his position, and RangerBob was allowed to remain at ringside. A brutal battle continued — at one point, Legend’s forehead was split open after Rogers applied a DDT onto a steel chair. Legend tried valiantly to make a comeback, including spearing Rogers through a table, but in the end, Rogers was too much for Legend, scoring the victory after 3 attempts to render Legend unconscious with a sleeper hold.

Winner: Tyson Rogers

Tejo Kahn came out from the locker room with Rogers’ WBW World Heavyweight Championship belt and declared that, at the next show, he would challenge Rogers for the title.

WBW returns to Sardinia, Ohio on May 11, 2013 for WBW: Mayhem. For more info on WBW and to keep updated on our upcoming events check out and or follow us on Twitter @wbwtv.



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