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WWE in China, Ventura, Daniels, MVP & more…

June 5, 2013, London – WWE (NYSE:WWE) today announced that it will be returning to Shanghai, China on Friday, August 2, 2013 at the Oriental Sports Center. Tickets are available via

Fans attending WWE LIVE® will be able to see all their favorite Superstars and Divas in action including WWE Champion John Cena®, Ryback™, Kane®, Daniel Bryan™, Kofi Kingston™, Natalya™ and many more*.

“We are extremely delighted to be back in Shanghai and offer the ‘WWE LIVE’ experience to Chinese fans for the first time,” said Sweesin Wu, WWE’s Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific. “We look forward to showcasing our unique brand of family-friendly entertainment that only WWE can deliver.”

WWE opened an office in Shanghai in 2007 and took part in Expo 2010 Shanghai at the Mercedes Benz Arena giving fans a first look at the WWE live event experience. Last August WWE debuted WWE SmackDown® at the Oriental Sports Center.

*Lineup subject to change, see or for details.


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"MVP: I WILL be back on US TV later this year"

This week on MLW Radio, special co-host MVP discussed a variety of topics with fellow WWE alum Court Bauer,
including MVP's plans for a return to American television. When asked whether he intended to sign with Impact
Wrestling, MVP had this to say:

"I have to deny it. It's not me, but I will be back on US TV later this year. I promise. Not saying anything more than
that. There are some people, that to them, wrestling is WWE. In the same way that to some people, any cola is a
Coke. There is amazing wrestling going on all around the world outside of WWE. You've got AAA in Mexico and
CMLL. In Japan you have the company I was just working for, the legendary New Japan Pro Wrestling, the historically
significant All Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH. These people are fans of WWE and it's a beautiful thing, but to me it's
a travesty."

MVP also offered his thoughts on the good and bad of Vince McMahon, the psyche of being in WWE, the recent
retirement of Kenta Kobashi and much more.

The new episode of MLW Radio is available for free at and on iTunes (search: MLW Radio), along with
episodes featuring Chris Jericho, The Ultimate Warrior, Billy Corgan, Konnan, Carlito, Teddy Hart, Sean Waltman and
many others. MLW Radio drops each and every Sunday at


He's the most talked about guest in history.  Now, Jesse "The Body" Ventura returns to the Club for his third (and most explosive) interview yet.  Jesse speaks to James Guttman for 35 minutes (100 total in all three interviews) about everything including how Vince McMahon Jr. would fair in politics, why President Obama hasn't closed Gitmo, his own experience with IRS audits, death threats for joining WWF in the 1980s, getting wrestlers over on commentary, and tons more.

The full audio is available at Catch a free  clip and read the full list of topics at:

You can also pick up Jesse's paperback copy of "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government" by heading to:  

Jesse Ventura's last appearance on was back in 2010 and before WWE's Linda McMahon ran (and lost) twice for the U.S. Senate.  Linda's campaign famously spent just short of 100 million dollars in her bid.  James Guttman asks Jesse about this.  Did Linda's tie-in with wrestling hurt her chances?  Ventura's not sure, but he knows a better way that money could have been spent.

"I don't know, but I'll tell you this.  If Vince would have given me that kind of money, I'd be the President.  How's that for a quote?"

James laughs and says, "That's going right in the headline now."

Ventura, through laughter, continues:

"When I ran for governor, I only raised $300,000.  And that's a statewide race, like the senate.  I only raised $300,000.  I made more money doing the job.  The job of governor paid $120,000 a year.  So I made $480,000 for the four years and I only spent $300,000 to get the job. If I would have had that money, I'd be the President.  You give me that much money to spend on an election and I’ll be President. (laughs) I think that answers your question in a very humorous, funny Jesse "The Body" Ventura type of way."

Jesse is well known for avoiding special interest groups and money from lobbyists.  His new paperback book, ""DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government", covers how the same lobbyists appear at both conventions. Ventura has stood up to this new status-quo for years and it's brought him heat from all angles. However, it's no different than his wrestling run.  In wrestling, like politics, true "straight shooters" are hard to find.  JG asks Jesse who, out of all the people he's met in the wrestling industry, would have made the best politician.  Jesse barely needs a moment to think as he reveals his answer to ClubWWI listeners:

"Without a doubt, the best and smoothest would be Vince McMahon Sr., not Junior.  Vince McMahon Sr. was the coolest, smoothest operator out of all the promoters I ever met - out of anybody in that whole business. You could be madder than a hornet and you'd go in and meet with him, you'd walk out feeling great but accomplish nothing. You'd feel good about yourself.  Yet, he didn't give you a thing.  I won't go into any specifics more than that.  I think that describes Vince McMahon Sr. and I think it describes him in a very positive way.  That's how good he was."

Although all of Jesse's appearances on have been momentous, this one might be the biggest.  Recently, it was implied that Ventura might run for President in 2016.  James Guttman likes that idea and presented the question to him like this:

"This country loves firsts.  John F. Kennedy was the first catholic president.  Barack Obama was the first African-American president.  Personally, I'm waiting for the first former AWA World Tag Team Champion president.  Now it could be Doug Somers, could be Marty Jannetty.  But, I'd like it to be you.  Governor Jesse Ventura, will that day come in my lifetime?"

Again, The Body tells it like it is:

"If there's a grassroots movement to get me ballot access in all 50 states and if they can somehow guarantee - either they protest their brains out to make sure - I'm included in debates. Because you have to be able to debate, I would give it serious consideration.  But I'm not going to spend money to get ballot access.  It would have to be grassroots effort by people in every state. I need to know that. Because the thing I find most despicable about public service is the obscene money and the sellout and bribery. Jesse Ventura will not sell out to the bribery of special interests.  I never took a dime of special interest money when I was governor and I never once, in four years as governor, met with a lobbyist.  And I will keep that integrity.  So that will require the American people to have to jump through a lot of hoops to get me to do it.  Plus, it would mean I would have to leave Mexico and it will require that amount of work from you all to ever even get me to entertain the thought." 

Remember, Jesse Ventura is one of over 300 guests you can hear the moment you join  From Jerry Lawler to Dennis Stamp, everyone is there in our 7 year archives.  Join the Insanity today and hear all you've been missing!



Christopher Daniels was interviewed by GFQ Network ( on both “Behind The Counter” (Comic Book Show) and “Mat Men” (Pro Wrestling)

“Behind The Counter”:

“Mat Men”:

Both shows are available via podcast on, and on iTunes as well. 


XWW presents "Blood, Sweat , and Tears 2"
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This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks, in-the-field at Smackdown reporter Derrick McDonald, Anthony Sarlo, and Ray Bogusz gather to talk about the likely death of CHIKARA, Randy Orton and other members of WWE who are good when they should be bad (and vice versa), Rampage Jackson, and so ... much ... more. Thanks, as always, for the support of the listeners and those who called in, including PWI's own Kevin McElvaney and Mike Bessler! And be sure to check out New Moon Rising Wrestling at The Proving Grounds this Sunday, 12 PM and next Saturday, June 15th at 6:30!.

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