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Bruno Sammartino Signed 8 x 10 with Photo Proof

Sting Signed WCW Magazine with Photo Proof
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!BANG! TV Results - From Saturday's Supper Summer Sizzler - Charity Show from the Ocala Hilton

Proceeds to benefit Helping Hands of Ocala, Florida
Battle Royal -
Winner T. J. Blake
8-Person Inter-Gender Tag Team
Dory Funk with Cory Weston, Johnny Magnum, Quinton Hitchcock and Jessica Hill
George "Tax Man" Albright with Jimmy Gooding, Romero Youngblood, Ryan Passmore and Hollywood Heather
Dory Funk wins the fall with a count of 3 on George "The Tax Man" Albright. City Attorney Jimmy Gooding protests that Funk cheated by putting his foot on the ropes for leverage.
World Title Match
Quinton Hitchcock (Champion) wins over J. J. Blake
Hard Core Tag Team Championship
Ron Rymer and The Rogue (Champions)
Bulldog Bryson Michaels and Hector "Taino" Alicea
Winners Bulldog and Taino
Women's Championship
Hollywood Heather wins over Jessica "Power-House" Hill. Hollywood Clobbered Jessica Hill with her championship belt and a cover for a count of 3.
!BANG! TV Championship -
Jake Logan (Champion) vs Russia's Dr. Andrew Kontantinov
Winner Jake Logan

Next !BANG! TV Taping Saturday July 6th from the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Support Your Troops 93, "Red White and !BANG!" Showtime is 7:00pm with doors opening at 6:15pm.
Main Event - Australian Rules 6-Man Tag Team Match
Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum and Quinton "Drop Back" Hitchcock
Hector "Taino" Alicea, Romero Youngblood and Ryan "Rogue" Passmore
More Matches will be added to the card.
Tickets are available online at or you may call now 352-895-4658
If you would like to become a professional wrestler and appear on !BANG! TV, Call Now 352-895-4658 or Visit Dory Funk's Website at
Lend a "Helping Hand"
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K.S.W.A. Krazy Tour '13 - Lawrenceville Fireworks Celebration


4:00pm Saturday, July 6, 2013


Arsenal Park

40th Street (Lawrenceville)

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


This is a Free Event to the Public * *


Tickets & Event Information Call 412-726-1762


K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Title Match

K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Champion

"Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin


Mitch Napier


K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Title Match

K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Champion

Shane Starr


"The King" Del Douglas


K.S.W.A. Five Star Title Match

K.S.W.A. Five Star Champion

Kris Kash


The Jester


Party Gras – (Lord Zoltan & Justin Sane) & The Bloodbeast


The Mercenaries (Nasty Nick Crane & Sniper) & Bobby Badfingers


Jay Flash & Jonny Axx


The VIP’s – Tyler Cross & Edric Everhart




Shawn Blanchard


What a week for Brady Hicks and the rest of the IN THE ROOM crew, as the gang runs down TNA, debating what Brady thinks they're doing right regarding Austin Aries versus what Derrick McDonald and Ray Bogusz think they're doing wrong regarding Chris Sabin (including spoilers). Plus, everybody's thoughts on Raw, Daniel Bryan being taken seriously, a round of classic theme songs being played, and a VERY sad RIP. Matt Borne (aka Doink) meant so much to IN THE ROOM,, and Brady Hicks, both personally and professionally. This one was a very difficult one to take. All that, and so ... much ... more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

For a direct link to the show, visit:




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