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Including Bruno Sammartino, Lou Albano, The Heartthrobs, Tracy Brooks..


Bruno Sammartino, Captain Lou Albano, The Heartthrobs & Tracy Brooks Part Of NWS Double-Shot This Weekend May 4-5th

You've been hearing about it for months... it finally goes down this weeked... National Wrestling Superstars' double-shot weekend this coming Friday & Saturday May 4-5 in North Plainfield, NJ and Brick, NJ, with a roll-call of wrestling legends never seen before in one single weekend.

Friday night May 4, NWS kicks off the weekend with a return to the Italian-American Social Club in North Plainfield, NJ (403 Somerset Street, just off Route 22), with a 7:45pm bell time. The building is being reconfigured to hold even more fans than the last show in January, and it will need it, as WWE Hall Of Fame manager Captain Lou Albano and former WWE star "America's Hero" The Patriot will be in North Plainfield, and they have a grudge to settle. The Patriot will be teaming with a mystery partner, with the manager of champions Captain Lou in his corner, against nearly 800 pounds of opposition in the evil Baghdad Bullies (T.N.T and Saddam Insane) and their manager King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq. Last January, the Bullies and King Stinq were showing their hatred of all things American (except money, of course) by attacking the other wrestlers at almost every turn, until The Patriot put a stop to it and demanded this tag-team grudge match, and the great Captain Lou was more than happy to accept The Patriot's request to watch his back.

NWS has also just announced another huge match in North Plainfield between two opponents who have a score to settle. For those fans in the Manville area who attended the Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Tournament two weeks earlier, you saw an amazing exhibition of wrestling talent which was capped off by a classic confrontation in the Finals between NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion "G.Q." Gavin Quest and tri-state area wrestling standout Deranged. Although Deranged won the match, both he and Quest were not satisfied with the outcome, so NWS has signed a rematch between Quest and Deranged, with the NWS Junior Heavyweight Title on the line, in North Plainfield, so that the Middlesex & Somerset County area fans have another opportunity to see this matchup of two outstanding talents. If their rematch is anything like their original match in Manville, this alone will be worth the price of admission.

Also coming to North Plainfield, and much anticipated by the men in the crowd, will be TNA Wrestling diva Miss Tracy Brooks, who (as anyone who has seen her on TV knows) is as tough as she is beautiful, and is bound to make life miserable for whomever is on the opposite side of the ring from her. And speaking of lovely and tough ladies... also just announced for North Plainfield on May 4th will be a match between two such ladies who have had classic battles in the ring all over the tri-state area, as Alicia takes on Alere Little Feather.

From the lovely to the just plain crazy, Jersey's favorite straight-jacket-wearing dog-biscuit-eating (that's right, dog biscuits) madman Slayer will try once again to gain his first victory over his arch nemesis as of late, the Japanese giant Kaibootsie. Kaibootsie emerged victorious, but injured, from his last encounter with Slayer, and will certainly be looking for retribution of his own.

Saturday night May 5, NWS returns to its new Ocean County hot spot, the Brick, NJ Elks Lodge (2491 Hooper Avenue, near Route 70 & the Brick Plaza) with a 7:35pm bell time. It's a "supershow" because NWS will have on hand the biggest legend ever to set foot in an NWS ring. In the past, NWS has brought such wrestling legends as The Iron Sheik, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Captain Lou Albano and others to Brick and other venues. But this Saturday night, pro wrestling fans will be coming from far and wide to see a name which dwarfs them all... pro wrestling's true "Living Legend"... the one and only... Bruno Sammartino.

Besides signing autographs for, and greeting, the throngs of fans who will be lined up out the door that night, Bruno will serve as a guest enforcer referee that night. If Bruno still has even one-tenth of the strength and skill he had during his heyday... woe betide anyone who tries to break the rules with him watching.

Besides the great Bruno Sammartino, other greats from the world of pro wrestling will be on hand Saturday in Brick. Former WWE tag-team champions The Heartthrobs (John "Romeo" Roselli & "The Promise" Antonio Thomas) will reunite in Brick for tag-team action, after making singles appearances up and down the East Coast for the past several months. The lovely Miss Tracy Brooks from TNA Wrestling will no doubt turn some heads when she makes an appearance in Brick. Also on hand will be former ECW wrestler "Dastardly" Danny Doring and former WWE stars The Patriot and Salvatore Sincere.

Returning to action in his home area, after recovering from a shoulder injury, will be NWS Hardcore Champion Johnny Candido. The giant from Japan, Kaibootsie, will once again battle his chief nemesis, the Jersey Shore's favorite madman Slayer. Last month in Manahawkin, Kaibootsie suffered an injury at Slayer's hands, so you can bet he has a yen for some Japanese-style payback. Also returning to action in Brick after long absences are the laughing Hyena and the double-tough Corrupted Youth.

Tickets for both mega events, which are selling out as fast as you can read this, are only $18 for adults and $16 for kids and seniors, and can be purchased by phone at (732) 888-1704. Group discounts are available. Tickets for both shows can also be purchased online at www.doubleplaytixx.com. Remaining tickets for this weekend's shows, if any (and that's a mighty big "if"), can be purchased at the door one hour before bell time.


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