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National Wrestling Superstars At The Brick Elks Lodge on Saturday, January 26
Up next were the three first-round matches in the Jersey Shore Triple-Threat Tag-Team Tournament:
(1) Danny Doring def Blue Meanie
(2) Self-Employed (J.D. Smoothie & Funky White Boy) defeated The Inbred Hillbillies (Cletus & Cooter) and the team of Antonio Malave & Mad Max. The Hillbillies and Malave & Max did most of the wrestling, while Smoothie & Funky stayed on the outside, only coming in at the end to pin a worn-out Max to advance to the finals.

(3) 2007 J-Cup Tag-Team Tournament Champions The Gemini Trojans defeated Wild Breed member Rancid & Corey Havoc and Prince Iam Smarta & Hyena.

(4) NWS Tag-Team Champions The Psychedelic Studs (Nicky Oceans & Ace Darling) defeated Mikey Pacifica & Blade Michaels and Mythril & Corrupted Youth.

(5) Former WWE star "America's Hero" The Patriot won by disqualification over former ECW star Julio Dinero (w/ Miss Michelle & King Kaluha). Referee Mike Dillon was knocked out during the melee and Dinero took out a chain, knocking Patriot senseless. The referee came two and initially counted 1-2-3 for Dinero, but then found the chain and reversed the decision, awarding the bout to The Patriot. Dinero, King Kaluha, and Danny Doring teamed up to attack The Patriot, but were driven off by former WWE superstar Rikishi and The Blue Meanie. Commissioner Gino Moore announced a six-man tag-team main event with Rikishi & Patriot & Blue Meanie vs. Doring & Dinero & Kaluha, in an old-school two-out-of-three-falls match. He also announced that on March 1st in Point Pleasant, Dinero would face Rikishi one-on-one. When Dinero's manager Miss Michelle complained that Dinero always loses when referee Mike Dillon officiates, Commissioner Moore announced that Dillon would not referee that night, but instead would be Rikishi's guest manager.

(6) In the finals of the Jersey Shore Triple-Threat Tag-Team Tournament, NWS Tag-Team Champions The Psychedelic Studs defeated The Gemini Trojans and Self-Employed in an Elimination Final. The Geminis eliminated Self-Employed, and after a hard-fought battle The Studs defeated The Geminis.

(7) In a Best-Of-Three-Falls Match, Rikishi & The Patriot & The Blue Meanie defeated Julio Dinero (w/ Miss Michelle) & "Dastardly" Danny Doring & King Kaluha. Referee Mike Dillon was knocked out by Kaluha as he broke up The Patriot's attempt to pin Doring. Dinero superkicked The Patriot and Doring pinned him when Referee Kenny Edwards came in to replace the injured Dillon. The Blue Meanie hit a Stunner on Dinero and pinned him to even the falls at one apiece. Referee Kenny Edwards got knocked out as well when he got pulled between Rikishi & Kaluha as Rikishi did a butt-first splash on Kaluha in the corner. Rikishi then super-kicked and butt-splashed Kaluha in the center of the ring, and a still-groggy Mike Dillon was carried back to the ring and made the three-count for Rikishi, giving his team the win. Rikishi & Patriot & Meanie then threw their opponents into separate corners and then treated the Brick fans to the first-ever three-way Stinkface on their opponents, sending the crowd home happy.

NWS returns to action with its "Super-Brawl Bowl Weekend", Friday February 1st at 7:45pm at the Middletown, NJ VFW Hall, and Saturday February 2nd at 7:35pm at St. Matthews School Gym in Edison, NJ.

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