• 06/17/2012 (10:34:18 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

HELLO! I'm back for round two with the second consecutive day of wrestling fun! Today was PCW with Ron Simmons, The Million Dollar Man and Christie Hemme! The lines outside were pretty meek to say the least, maybe people didn't the star power was up to par lol. Anyway we say Ted first and he was GREAT! He signed a custom figure I had and he took a picture of it because he loved it!!! He also got a kick from my Summerslam '94 chair!!! Next was Ron Simmons, his line was significantly longer, I'm guessing because Teddy has been around the block a couple times in Chicago. Ron was a class act, telling everyone a funny story about a purple car he used to own. A TON OF DAMN CHANTS!!! By the time I was finished with Ron, I went to see Christie Hemme. She packed up her things and went to back for her match!!! So frantically I had to find an answer and found the tall guy in the suit. I told him I paid for a pic and an autograph but she left. He assured me he would het her immediately. He sure did, and I was able to sneak in the back and meet her!!! Thanks again!!! Awesome meet n greet!!!

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