• 11/11/2012 (11:05:30 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

POWW Entertainment put on Wrestle Rage X in Melrose Park, IL on Saturday November 10 and it was one of the best shows I have seen all year.

The crowd was standing room only. My guess is 400+ and they were heavily into the matches all night long. The five WWE Superstars (Billy Gunn, Chavo Guerrero, Hardcore Holly, Val Venis and Armando Estrada) were all friendly and accommodating during the meet and greet and their match later on was very entertaining.
I don't think there was a dull moment or sour note all night long. It was a great, great night and the whole POWW organization should be proud.

Among the highlights-
Dave Storm was inducted into the Hall of Fame
Referee Bob Parella was named the new Commissioner of POWW

Stacy Shadows defeated Melanie Cruise and Nikki St. John in a "Tiara on a Pole" match to become the new Queen of POWW
Warden Ortiz defeated David Hokinson in a "Chicago Street Fight" and also reunited with his son Ryan after the match
Dave Storm pinned Sexy KC in an 8 man match
GQ became the new POWW Television champ by defeating "The Ego" Robert Anthony and Stonewall
The Beer City Bruisers won a 5 team gauntlet match to retain the POWW Tag team titles
"The Lost Soul" Chris Cairo beat Logan Scott to retain the POWW Heavyweight Championship
Armando Estrada won the first ever POWW Superstars title in a match that also featured Billy Gunn, Chavo Guerrero, Hardcore Holly and Val Venis. Estrada was the special guest referee, until the new POWW Commissioner Bob Parella announced that Estrada was now a participant. After the match, Parella and Estrada lead a group of POWW heels out to ringside to confront the other four legends. Parella announced that he would be changing things at POWW.

Their next show is December 15 in Fox Lake, IL

John Wroblewski and Matt Parker

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