• 07/23/2012 (11:56:53 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

with Billy Gunn, Bob Holly & Armando Estrada…

POWW had a great night of matches at the filled Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley Park, IL. Hundreds of fans came out to see exciting matches, along with special guests 'Hardcore' Bob Holly, Badass Billy Gunn and Armando Estrada (in a surprise appearance).

Before and after the in-ring action, Scott Beatty and I met these three superstars and several of the talented wrestlers of POWW, incudling Grin N. Barrett (making his debut), Vinnie Riot, GQ, David Hokinson and Mr. Ricolo (ring announcer and Hair Extraordinaire).
It was an outstanding night and we look forward to their next show on August 18.


POWW Entertainment Wrestling Results 7/21 Tinley Park, IL

Golden Star, Lobo Blanco and Flash Metal beat Funabra, Imperial and Jakusa

In an 11-man over the top rope battle royal with the winner to distribute the weapons for a Hardcore Match later in the evening, Battle Royale Barry outlasted Tiger Asian, Troy Seals, Max Holiday, Misfit Manners, Sanchos Sanchez, Dr. Sin, The Prince, Johnny Showtime, Elios Condos and Joey Boom Boom

C.J. Idol, Warden Ortiz and Vinnie Riot defeated El Magnifico, The Insurgent and The Reaper when Idol pinned Reaper

The Regional TV champion, GQ retained the title with a pinfall victory over Grin

In a 4-Way Match to determine who gets a Regional TV title match at the next POWW card, "The Lost Soul" Chris Cairo battled Steve Amani, Sexy KC and "The Picture Perfect Man" Logan Scott (accompanied by Chazz Moretti). Cairo used a jumping DDT to pin Sexy KC and become the #1 contender

In a Hardcore Street Fight, Julian the Warlock beat Brawn The Lumberjack when Battle Royale Barry interfered

Melanie Cruise pinned Nikki St. John with a top rope Legdrop

Dehok (David Hokinson) beat Machine in a Dog Collar Chain Match

Rex Hart defeated the POWW champion, Ruff Crossing by countout when Crossing headed back to the dressing room

In a match for the POWW tag team titles, the champions, Psychotic Rage (Jim Blaze and Mitch Blake) beat Night Breed (Austin Roberts and Hunter Payne)

In the Main Event, Armando Estrada introduced himself as the new POWW general manager and remained outside the ring during Billy Gunn vs Bob Holly match. He eventually interfered, giving Holly the victory.

After the match, Gunn challenged Holly to a rematch and it was accepted. It will be at POWW's biggest event of the year. Wrestle Rage 10 on November 10th. Check Powwentertainment.com for details


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