• 06/25/2012 (2:04:38 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Scott and I took in another night of great wrestling at POWW Entertainment in Elk Grove, IL. This time we brought along a friend of Scott's and his three kids.
POWW Entertainment Wrestling Results 6/23/11 - Elk Grove Village, IL

The Insurgent (w/Justin James) pinned CJ Idol (one-half of Threat Level Black)Stonewall issued a challenge that if anyone in the back could body slam him, they would receive $5000. Rex Hart made his return to POWW and accepted the challenge and a match. Stonewall left the ring, giving Hart a countout victory.
Superstar Billy Ray (w/Johnny Wild) pinned Vinnie Riot with a Swinging Neckbreaker
Mikey Wild of Threat Level Black defeated William Jacobs (w/Justin James) and receieved an after match beatdown until CJ Idol made the save.
The Picture Perfect Man, Logan Scott (w/ Chazz Moretti) defeated The Natural, GQ when Morreti interfered. After the match, Moretti and Scott attempted to double-team attack GQ until Melanie Cruise made the save.
Sexy KC used the tights to pin Skrubaul (accompanied by The Rage, Mitch Blake).
AK-47, Allysin Kay used the distraction of manager Chazz Moretti to gain the pin over Melanie Cruise. Moretti's crew attempted once again to injure their opponents post match, attacking Cruise until The Natural, GQ returned the favor from earlier and cleared the ring.

In the main event, The Hardcore Hippie Eric Freedom returned to POWW to face the Heavyweight champion, Ruff Crossin, but Freedom was arrested for the assault with a taser gun at last month's show. Nikki St. John came out with the papers showing charges were being pressed. Crossing then demanded a 10 count and being declared the winner of the match

Rex Hart came out to the ring and demanded a match with Crossing. Hart showed how serious he was by planting Ruff Crossing face first with The Rexacution to end the show
POWW returns to Tinley Park, IL for their next event, July 21st, Check out Powwentertainment.
After the show, we talked to the wrestlers and the kids got pictures with a few of their favorites. Nikki St. John is one of our favorites (Scott and I actually agree on this). Mitch Blake talked to us about donning the facepaint and joining the fun (we are in any time!). Trevor Blanchard talked about his long career and love of wrestling. The kids met GQ right by the ring and Ruff Crossing and Melanie Cruise outside.

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