• 09/21/2012 (12:20:20 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

PRIME: RHINO vs. JOHNNY GARGANO For The First Time Ever: Sunday, Sept 30 5pm - Live TV Taping in Twinsburg, OH

PRIME Wrestling returns to live action on Sunday afternoon, September 30 at the Twinsburg Fitness Center, 10084 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg, OH. Doors for the event are scheduled to open at 4:00pm, with belltime at 5:00pm. National television cameras will be there, so fans are encouraged to bring signs, banners, and be enthusiastic and ready to become TV stars! Ticket information is available now in the "Store" section of, with seats as low as $10!

The Cleveland Browns have the day off, as they play the previous Thursday, but our PRIME Wrestlers are ready for battle!

Current announced card -

PRIME Champion Johnny Gargano vs. "Man Beast" Rhino

In a first-time anywhere, never-before-seen battle, the former ECW & TNA World Champion and the man who ended Jason Bane's Wrestlelution win streak last month at Wrestlelution 5 shook the PRIME Wrestling world up so much that he has been deemed #1 Contender for new PRIME Champion "The Whole Shebang" Johnny Gargano! Gargano survived a war 18 months in the making with Jimmy Jacobs in order to capture the title for the second time, but now one month later the gold is in severe jeopardy! Rhino stopped the unstoppable and dominated the dominant at Wrestlelution 5, if he can do the same to another PRIME icon, he will make history by capturing the championship! Who will win this never-before and never-again war?

"M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross vs. "Megastar" Marion Fontaine

At Wrestlelution 5, Fontaine was part of a huge coup, as he, Aaron Maguire, and Justin LaBar's former right-hand man Vic Travagliante celebrated a sound defeat of LaBar & Aaron Draven and the swaying of power and momentum to their side in a big way. With all of the LaBar camp secrets in enemy hands, Justin had to use his role of Commissioner to come up with something big. The only 2-time PRIME Champion in history is certainly a major opposition to serve as a roadblock to this newly-formed faction. Fontaine & Cross have each split victories over one another in the past year, will this rubber match serve to give us a decisive winner? Can LaBar use Matt Cross to erase any of Marion Fontaine's momentum?

"Amazing" N8 Mattson Returns To The Ring vs. "Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron

One year ago, former PRIME Tag Team, Television, and WrestleRama Champion "Amazing" N8 Mattson retired from in-ring competition and moved into a managerial/advisory capacity for The Sons of Michigan. After experiencing, arguably, the worst night of his career at Wrestlelution 5, that has all changed. N8 had no choice but to watch on as Ben Boone was defeated by Louis Lyndon, and also as Zach Gowen realized the err of his ways, and left the Sons to re-join his tag partner and close friend Gregory Iron. N8 has seemingly adopted the "If you want it right, do it yourself" method of thinking, and has actually come out of retirement and challenged Greg himself one-on-one! With Zach Gowen not in attendance on this night, what will happen when N8 competes for the first time in one year? Can Greg defeat N8, just as he had Zach?

"Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs vs. Bobby Beverly

Bobby Beverly spent months seeing his career held back and the selfishness of Jimmy Jacobs tear down everything he had built in Sex Appeal. Now, Beverly is liberated, focused, and his own man doing things his own way. After officially ending Sex Appeal on his terms at WL5 by cutting the hair of ex-partner Bobby Shields, Beverly now targeting the man who went out of his way to belittle and demean him for so long, Jimmy Jacobs. Meanwhile, Jimmy Jacobs is competing in his first PRIME match since losing the PRIME Championship at Wrestlelution 5 to Johnny Gargano. Despite this, Jacobs still views Beverly as beneath him and insignificant, and plans to use Beverly as a steppingstone back to Gargano. Can Jimmy Jacobs claim another championship opportunity? Can Beverly, now free from anchors holding him down, show Jimmy Jacobs first hand how good he really can be?

Plus: Krimson & The Dead Wrestling Society, TV Champion Michael Facade, "Hot Commodity" Matt Mason, our first look at a post-Sex Appeal Bobby Shields, a special appearance by New 102 DJ Kory and much more!

We'll be announcing even more in the coming days! Check back to


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