• 12/30/2012 (8:30:10 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

A couple friends and I attended Pro Wrestling Blitz's King of Joliet event on Saturday December 29. Several hundred people packed the St. Joe's fieldhouse. Ring announcer (a recent newcomer to Blitz) Mr. Ricolo whipped the crowd into a frenzy to start the show and they stayed lively all night long.

Mr. 450 won an 8 man tournament to be crowned King of Joliet, beating Zach Thompson (the reigning King) in the final match.. Mr. 450 survived 3 matches and won each in a different manner, including one by submission. It was great to see him show his versatility in that way.

Chazz Moretti came out to a huge pop, which got even louder when Blitz owner Tony Scarpone revealed Moretti as the new Commissioner of Blitz via fan vote. I have to admit that it was odd seeing Moretti playing the good guy role, but he had the crowd totally on his side and he worked his usual magic (just from the other side).

Grin and Machine teamed up to win a 3 team tag bout. I am predicting big things for this duo.

The main event featured favorite Ruff Crossing (we are Ruffians) winning the Blitz title. Crossing had chased reigning champ Ryan Slade for months, before ending his 400+ day title run. Crossing celebrated in the crowd with his fans, who included several wrestlers from other organizations there to support him.

After the event, the kids (Hailey, Megan and TJ) took pictures with Mr. 450, Grin and Machine. Scott Beatty and I got a picture with new champ Ruff Crossing. Chazz Moretti posed with his new shirt. I also took a picture with Mr. Ricolo (the Hair Extraordinaire)

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