• 08/31/2013 (12:41:41 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Thanks to John C. for sending in these results

Kevin Steen defeated Chuck Taylor via a package piledriver. The match was loaded with comedy spots including doing moves to a fan's San Francisco Giants hat.

Brian Cage defeated Tommaso Ciampa. There was a very, very scary moment as it appeared Ciampa botched a powerbomb on the outside the ring and dropped Cage on his head. You could see how bad Ciampa felt and it was extremely scary. He told the ref to count Cage out. Cage stumbled back into the ring and Ciampa rolled him up, expecting cage to actually take the pin but Cage kicked out. A ton of heart showed by Cage but obviously I hope injury is not serious.

Johnny Gargano defeated Willie Mack via submission.

Roderick Strong defeated AR Fox.

Drake Younger defeated Joey Ryan via cop killer onto a pile of candy and Legos. The match started normal but then turned into comedy spot with wrestlers selling the bag of thumbtacks gimmick but actually pouring candy and Legos into the ring.

ACH defeated Tony Nese. Solid match. ACH hit his Fisherman's DDT suplex deal for the win.

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Trent Baretta with an armbar submission. Best match of the night thus far.

Michael Elgin defeated Rich Swann with a spinning powerbomb. Another great match.

Adam Cole & The Young Bucks defeated The Forever Hooligans & TJP. Amazing match.


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