• 11/10/2012 (7:25:48 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

2 Title Changes & more…

PWS Nov 9th Results from Rahway NJ

1) Colt Cabana pinned Jerry Lynn

2) Team D-Struction beat Team Aesthetics in a 6 Man Students Tag

3) The Phat Pack retained Tag Titles against Super Smash Brothers

4) TDS defeated Devon Moore, Rene Dupree, Dan Maff in a 4 Way

5) Sami Callihan pinned Kevin Steen

6) Apollyon won a Suicidal Six Way against Davey Richards,
Matt Hardy, AR Fox, Lucifer Darksyde, and Rich Swann

7) The Big O & SSPC beat Enhancement Talent & John Silver

8) Star Man defeated Anthony Nese & Alex Reynolds to become
the new PWS Tri State Champion ending Nese's 20 month reign

9) PWS Champion Kevin Matthews issued a Battle Royal challenge where he'd defend his belt against the winner, which was the
masked Rahway Reaper whom hit a Twist Of Fate on Matthews and picked up the pin, unmasking to reveal he was Matt Hardy !


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