• 10/14/2012 (2:42:22 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin


1.) Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Armando Estrada with Iron Sheik

2.) "The Demonic Juggernaut" Apollyon defeated "The Boricua Beast" Dan Maff.

3.) Alex Reynolds defeated Harry Smith.
Post Match Reality Check hit the ring but was cut off by PWS Commissioner Diamond Dallas Page. RC's Matthews & Moore offered
ts in RC to both Reynolds & Page. Reynolds accepted and joined the group while Page said he would consider the offer.

4.) Rikishi vs Vader with Paul Bearer was crashed by Enhancement Talent (Jobber Justin & Jobber Dustin) which lead to a tag squash. Post Match saw Vader & Kishi doing the dance.

5.) Anthony Nese defeated Star Man by DQ after Alex Reynolds hit the ring as Star Man was about to win The Tri State Title and hit Nese causing the DQ. The three will square off in a Triple Threat Match for The Tri State Title on November 9th.

6.) Devon Moore won an action packed Suicidal Six Way against Lucifer Darksyde , Rich Swann, Lance Anaoi , John Silver, and The Dynamic Sensation. Moore pinned Darksyde after Darksyde hit a moonsault for a pin which was broken up by Moore hitting a top rope dive with a chair on Darksyde.

The Shock Master came out of the entrance and said he 'traveled very far to deliver a very important message, it is now time for intermission'

7.) The Phat Pack became the new PWS Tag Team Champions after defeating SM2, Team Energy with Jimmy Hart, and the PWS Student combination of "Ruthless" Ray Smith & "Black Star" Shawn Edwards whom were making their debut tag team match.
(Ox Baker was to manage Phat Pack as per usual, however Mr Baker was not feeling well and did not make the trip, we hope he feels better soon). As mentioned prior, The PWS Tag Titles were legit stolen which is why there no Tag belts in this match.

8.) The Big O with Becky Bayless defeated "The Doctor Of Desire" Tom Prichard. Big O became the new "Texas Champion" as Prichard put that title on the line.

9.) In a PWS Student 5 on 5 Elimination Match - Team Aesthetics defeated Team D-Struction with the survivors being team captain "The Prince Of Aesthetics" Damian Gibbs and Chris Payne, whom pinned Dave D-Struction Sturch for the victory.

10.) Kevin Matthews' open PWS Title challenge was answered by a guy in a super man outfit called Jerry The Marvelous One. Matthews quickly destroyed him and pinned him. Star Man ran through the crowd and hit the ring. Star Man was insanely popular with the crowd and even over came the odds of a Reality Check ambush but Matthews picked up the victory to retain.
Post Match , Matthews took a microphone and once again put out his challenge to Saved By The Bell's Mr Belding for November 9th. DDP hit the ring wearing a Reality Check t shirt and said he has made his decision about joining the group. He preceded to lay out Reality Check with multiple clotheslines and a diamond cutter.

Ring Announcer - Larry Legend

Commentators - David Adams & Katie "Winter" Lea

Guests In Attendance - Hurricane Helms, Samu, Tugboat, and more

PWS returns to Rahway NJ on Fri Nov 9th


BOMBSHELL LADIES OF WRESTLING ... results from 10/11

1) Brittney Savage defeated Amber O'Neal

2) Marti Belle defeated Nikki Addams

3) Missy Sampson defeated Lucious Latasha

4) Sienna Duvall defeated Katie Lea

5) Silvie Silver defeated Jewells Malone. Becky Bayless defeated Silvie Silver

6) Annie Social defeated Alexxis Nevaeh

7) Sumie Sakai defeated Queen Maya

8) Christina Von Eerie defeated Mia Yim

Winners advance to Round Two of The Bombshells Title Tournament taking place on 12/6 in Rahway NJ

Thanks to the 124 in attendance - especially those doing the wave. Good times, fun event.

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