• 05/05/2013 (4:47:09 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Also Will be Inducted in Hall of Heroes…

MOONEYHAM COLUMN: Rock N Roll and Midnight Express: Three decades of greatness
It’s been 30 years since two of the greatest teams in the history of professional wrestling first embarked on a journey that would be fondly remembered three decades later by a generation of fans.

Those two teams will be honored at the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest on Aug. 1-4 in Charlotte.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) and The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane), along with manager Jim Cornette, will be inducted into the Hall of Heroes during that weekend. Lane, who took Condrey’s place in the Midnight Express for a four-year-period, will be unable to attend due to a prior commitment.

Cornette also will be hosting a midnight Q&A session titled “Cornette: Unplugged and Uncensored,” with all five taking part in a “Mid-Atlantic Memories” documentary project.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that Cornette will be wielding his signature “Louisville Slugger” tennis racket.

It’s the same racket that the outspoken manager used to swat Morton and Gibson with more times than he can remember.

Cornette figures the two teams locked horns on several hundred occasions, and that’s probably the number of times he whacked his team’s archrivals over their heads.

“I don’t know that there might have been a match where I didn’t slap one of them with the racket,” he laughs.

The opinionated but entertaining Cornette, who has taken time off from the wrestling business since last November, will be making his only wrestling-related appearance of the year at Fanfest. He says he’ll give an amusing account of when “I finally realized I needed to get away from the wrestling business for my own health and sanity.”

It promises to be an event that very well could be remembered for another 30 years.

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