• 06/18/2013 (12:41:54 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

in North Babylon, NY…

One June 24th...In approx 1 week...."The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, will be making various appearances from New England to Long Island. As a special treat to his NY area fans...He has decided to host a Monday Night RAW viewing party!!! The evening festivities will take place at Dough Boys Pizza Cafe located at 1137 Deer Park Ave in North Babylon, NY!!! Should you  decide to come out for this "Million Dollar Experience", you will have the opportunity to eat, talk to, ask questions of, pose for pictures with, get autographs by, and watch the # 1 wrestling show for decades with a real life WWE Hall of Famer!  Hear first hand Ted's opinions on today's wrestlers while watching RAW, ask him questions about his era of pro wrestling, and all the work he continues to do today for WWE! 

This will be an intimate gathering of 20 or so fans!!! You will have a minimum of 3 hours with Ted, and a true up close and personal look at this legend of the ring. We would like you to confirm you are going, and how many in your party will attend, so we can plan accordingly. Once again, only 20 seats can be filled. This is not just another autograph session or meet-n-greet...this is an experience. We will also be filming this event for excerpts to be used in a documentaries, Ted's website, IntegrityBookings.com, and other forms of wrestling media, and news boards.. To confirm your seat, and participate in this "priceless" event...Call 516-581-5376.

Ticket Price: $50

1-A photo with Ted DiBiase
2-One Autograph photo (other autographs can be purchased)
3-2 slices of regular pizza and a drink (additional slices or entree's can be purchased)
4-RAW Viewing 
5-Up close and personal dinner and conversation with Ted

Once again, please RSVP ASAP (Its next Monday night June 24th!!!!) by calling 516-581-5376 and say you want to be included in the "Million Dollar Dinner".

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