• 05/21/2017 (3:04:23 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

The 2017 Motor City Comic Con featured three wrestling legends and I met all three.

Vader was very fan-friendly.  I talked to him about his appearance at Resistance Pro in Chicago a few years ago.  Despite his recent health concerns, Vader looked great.
Amy “Lita” Dumas looked fantastic.  We talked a bit about her wrestling career and her music career.  She engaged every fan in conversation and gave everyone their “special” time with her.  She was a real pleasure as always.
Sting was also in great spirits.  Even in the professional photo-ops, where people are in and out quickly, Sting tried to interact as much as the time constraints would allow.  He also took selfies at his booth.  I talked to him about his religious beliefs and his career.  I would have loved to see him with Vader, but I don’t think that officially happened at the convention.  They might have connected behind the scenes though.
In all, despite many fans lining up to see all three, the lines moved quickly and each wrestling legend tried to make every fan happy.
John Wroblewski

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