• 01/01/2020 (1:43:22 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hi, here is my report from last night’s WWE house show (WWE Holiday tour) at in Laval, Québec.

1-Braun Strowman & New Day beat Samy Zayn , Nakamura & Cesaro when Strowman pinned Zayn following a powerslam. Lots of heat toward Zayn who once again transformed a huge babyface pop into a chorus of boos after urging ”the youth of Montreal” to follow his lead and get the hell out of here if they wanted to amount to anything in life. Strowman was ridiculously over. Good opener.

2-Carmella pinned Sonya Deville with a rollo-up. DeVille had Mandy Rose in her corner.

-In a promo filmed on location, Miz announced he would be also included in the Universal title match.

3-Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Kalisto) beat the Revival with a simultaneous pin. Best match of the night in my humble opinion. Great acrobatic moves by the Mexicans and sound technical wrestling from the heel. Both Dawson & Wilder teased the fans like in the old days when I went to the matches and watched the Garvins, Terry Funk and the other old timers argue with the ringside fans forever.

4-The Universal champion the Fiend Bray Wyatt kept his title in a 3 way match inside a steel cage by pinning The Miz. Daniel Bryan was the other participant. Not much of a match with the cage being almost a non-factor. Match was contested under the annoying red light. Huge reaction for the Fiend, with lots of sign in the crowd.

5-After intermission, Elias was in the ring, singing Celine Dion’s song from the movie Titanic. Dolph Ziggler interrupted, and Elias asked him to join in this train wreck of a segment. Then, Shorty G interrupted as well, saying saying Celine’s songs was his forte. As he was about to butcher the song too, Ziggler attacked him, and the match was on. Gable pinned Ziggler in a short match. Strange segment that put nobody over, not even Elias, who we never know if he wants us to boo or cheer him.

-King Corbin cut a backstage promo, saying his match later on with Roman Reigns will be the dreaded ”Montreal street fight”.

6-Next was a 3-way women tag-team event, involving the teams of Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross. The latter team won when Bliss pinned the champion. Nothing special. Strangely, Evans wore a t-shirt the whole match.

7-In the main event, Roman Reigns met King Corbin in a street fight. I was surprised to see Roman get that much cheers. The crowd was 95% behind him. At one point, Corbin pulled a kendo stick from under the ring, to which Reigns countered with a goaltender hockey stick to pop the crowd. However, stick shots and chair shots were pretty soft, which didn’t seem to bother the fans. After roughly 20 minutes, Reigns pushed Corbin’s head in a chair that was held between the ropes, followed by a spear for the pin. Reigns then thanked the fans for making their jobs easier with their hot reaction. He seemed genuinely happy about the reaction he got.

Show lasted exactly 3 hours. I would estimate the crowd at around 3000. This is the fist time WWE comes to the Bell Place (as opposed to the huge Bell Center) This is the arena where the AHL Rockets play. Brand new building, with the perfect size for a house show. I expect them to use the venue again in the future.

Biggest cheers went to Strowman, Wyatt & Reigns

Loudest boos were fo Samy & Corbin.

thanks for reading


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