• 03/11/2013 (2:53:58 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

POWW (Purely Obsessed Wrestling Entertainment) put on another great show on 3/9 in Elk Grove, IL.  Marty Jannetty was the featured guest superstar and he looked great and wrestled even better,despite losing to Logan Scott.

Brandon Blaze defeated Dynamic Dave Hokinson, who recently turned back to the good side.  Unfortunately, Hokinson came up a bit short.
The devious Commissioner Bob Parrella pitted fan favorites Heavyweight champ Chris Cairo against Regional Television champ GQ.  The result was an outstanding clean match, with Cairo prevailing.
“Picture Perfect” Logan Scott defeated Jannetty in an exciting match.  Jannetty looked fantastic and had the crowd behind him.  Scott used some underhanded tactics to defeat the legend.  Still, Jannetty got a huge and deserved ovation.
Stonewall and Ruthless Ramon battled tag champs Psychotic Rage (Jimmy Blaze and Mitch Blake).  The champs retained their titles, but both teams handed out and took a lot of punishment in this smashmouth match.
Sexy K.C. lost to Joey Cece much to the fans’ delight.  Although mostly boos, K.C. continues to get a huge crowd reaction.
The main event saw Lumberjack Brawn and Vinnie Riot in a “lumberyard” match.  The former partners put on a slobberknocker of a match.

John Wroblewski

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