• 09/01/2013 (7:38:40 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Just got back from the Ricky Steamboat signing at the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex, Vermont (September 1, 2013)... Steamboats appearance was brought to us from the National Guard and he appeared for only a couple of hours, but there seemed to be very little lines.  I got there about 330 and he was just about to wrap up the signing at 400 and there was NO LINE.  I was able to walk right up to his table without any hassle and he was extremely friendly.

I had been waiting to get an in person autograph and photo of Mr. Steamboat for years and was thrilled that this free signing happened, Vermont is not a hot bed for autograph signings.  I was finally able to get the cover of a 1992 WCW magazine from WarGames signed leaving me with just one other I need to complete Sting's Squadron - Sting himself.

As I said Ricky was friendly and enjoyed seeing the magazine cover and when flipping through it found a poster of him and Shane Douglas that he happily signed for me and was more than happy to take a photo with me.  As we were taking our photo the WWE representative with him asked if he could look through the magazine, They both made comments on how Arn Anderson looked on the reverse side.

After the photo op, Ricky also signed a WWE / National Guard Sheet.

It was a great signing and Ricky is definitely a great representative to send out to these events as he really takes the time to shake hands and speak with you.  Class Act all the way.

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