• 06/04/2012 (1:06:32 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin,

I recently attended an autograph signing at The Wrestling Universe -
34-29 Francis Lewis Blvd., Queens, NY, (718)-460-2777 or (347)-443-3001, - featuring Big Van Vader and P.N. News.

It was a fun experience. The store owners were great, talking old-school wrestling with us while we waited for Vader to arrive. They were also open to negotiating the prices of P.N.'s 8-by-10s, although this was probably due to the fact that no one came to see News and they couldn't have given his glossies away for free.

The store itself was awesome. Wrestling figures of all brands and decades, shoot interview DVDs and autographed photos and toys lined the walls. The set-up for the actual signing was thoughtful, with Vader seated in a private room so you could actually talk to the man without the rest of the people on line staring at you and wishing you'd hurry up. It was a very laid-back atmosphere, but, then again, the crowd wasn't all that big, either.

Unfortunately, the photos
taken by the store photographer are only available on facebook. They don't give you a Polaroid nor do they print out the pictures taken with their digital camera.

That being said, I heartily recommend The Wrestling Universe to all autograph-seeking wrestling fans.

Stroker Johnson


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