• 01/19/2013 (3:46:45 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

It was a great night at Resistance Pro’s Stay Hungry. There was tons of action in and out of the ring that kept everyone out of their seats. It was a packed house, standing room only for the entire night that surely will go down as one of R-Pro’s best shows.

The night started with two pre-show matches. The 1st match was John Pittman vs. Tripp Cassidy. The match started out a bit different as Pittman wanted himself, the ref, and Cassidy to each use hand sanitizer before the match began. Cassidy ended up with a pinfall victory and returned the favor to Pittman and made sure he used the sanitizer after the match was over.

The 2nd pre-show match was a tag team bout that saw the team of New Millennia vs. the 2 Star Heroes. The 2 Star Heroes of Chris Castro and Matt Knicks got a huge pop from the crowd and did not disappoint. They had some great tag team moves and secured the win by pinfall over New Millennia. The 2 Star Heroes proved to the crowd that they are the dark match legends and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the main card in the very near future.

The show was then kicked off by the Baron Brothers (Jacques and Gabe) thanking the fans for attending tonight. There were rumors flying throughout the night about the condition of the Women’s Champion Melanie Cruise after last month’s I Quit match with Nikki St. John. The Barons informed everyone, must to their dismay, that Melanie would not be wrestling Amazing Kong tonight. Melanie then made herself present to deliver something that she did not want to do. She gave up her Women’s Title announcing that it should be defending each and every show. She made it known that as soon as she was 100% and cleared by her doctor’s that she was coming back for her belt.

The 1st match saw Steven Walters against fan favorite, Mr. 450. What a great way to kick off the main card as this match saw action in and out of the ring. Mr. 450 stayed true to his word and wrestled the match with a mask on as he stated in last month’s show he would do so until he became champion. Walters didn’t do himself any favors when he decided to interact with the loyal 450 fans and cause a big stir. 450 was having none of this and he quickly was flying in and out of the ring. At one point he dove through the ropes into the crowd knocking down Walters. 450 ending the match with his patented 450 splash to secure the pinfall.

The 2nd match was for the R-Pro Tag Team Championship. Lockup (Suge D and Epic) were to defend their titles against Ruff Skies (Ruff Crossing and John Skyler). This match saw Suge D getting backed into Ruff Skies corner constantly as they took every advantage they could get every time the ref turned his back. Eventually Suge D mustered enough strength to make the tag to Epic and he cleaned house. Lockup finally got the pinfall to retain their tag team championship but it was short lived as Warden Myers instructed his security to hand cuff the both of them immediately. The crowd was not happy with this and started chanting at Warden Myers which made Suge D and Epic happy to hear.

Jay Bradley decided to make an appearance fresh off of his TNA Gut Check victory and new contract. He was treated to a standing ovation as he thanked the fans, Billy Corgan, and the Barons for everything they have done to help him make it back to the top. The reason Bradley came out to talk however was not to brag about himself but to see how Nikki St John seems to always have a title shot each and every event. Jay insisted that she must be doing some extracurricular activity behind the scenes to these title shots. Nikki was not very happy and Jocephus Brody came out to protect Nikki and end Bradley’s little rant.

The next match was supposed to be Amazing Kong vs. Melanie Cruise for the Women’s Title, however due to Melanie not being cleared by the doctors; it became a Fatal 4-Way Elimination match for the Women’s Championship. The participants were, Nikki St. John vs. Amazing Kong vs. Thunderkitty vs. D’Arcy Dixon. Right from the get-go, everyone was going after Kong to knock her out early. This worked out as she was knocked out of the ring twice which allowed Nikki to get the first elimination on Thunderkitty. Kong eventually recovered and started to inflict as much pain as possible on Nikki and D’Arcy. Kong then used her Implant Buster on Nikki only to have D’Arcy kick her from behind to steal the pinfall on Nikki. This proved to be a mistake by D’Arcy as she was quickly given an Implant Buster by Kong for the 1, 2, 3. With this Amazing Kong became the new R-Pro Women’s Champion. She was then asked by Zach Thompson how she felt being the 2nd person ever to hold the belt. She made it clear that as soon as Melanie was healthy she would be ready. What a showdown everyone has to look forward to in the future.

The next match was to be Jesse Corgan’s first ever wrestling match that saw his team of himself and Chris Hall vs. Body Magic (Eric St. Vaughn and GQ). Jesse protested that he would not wrestle which made Billy Corgan make his presence known. Billy said that he did this to teach his younger brother a lesson however it wasn’t his job to make this match happen as Billy hired a special guest booker for tonight’s event and he was none other than Chicago radio legend, Mancow. Mancow came to the conclusion that Jesse would have to compete and the match would start now. Luckily for Jesse, Chris Hall was on his side. Hall was such a dominate force that every time ESV was tagged in he quickly tagged GQ right back as he wanted no part of Hall. Unfortunately for ESV he had his backed turned at the wrong time and was Vadar Bombed by Hall. Jesse made the smart move to tag Hall as he went up the ropes so that he could get the pinfall and be get his first ever victory in R-Pro.

The next match of the night was one that saw Jocephus Brody vs. Jay Bradley. This turned into an ugly match fast as the two of them made it into a bar fight. They were smashing drinks on each other’s heads, running into walls, using chairs, and even diving into the crowd. Nikki St. John even came out to help out Jocephus but unfortunately for her she ended up with a Boom Stick, compliments of Jay Bradley. This however allowed Jocephus to recover and get the pinfall victory over Jay Bradley. After the match was over Bradley made it known that everyone should cheer Sam Thompson’s name, not his own, as it was him that got Bradley into R-Pro.

Zach Thompson then came out to announce Resistance Pro’s next event on February 24th. Among the Living, will be a Sam Thompson Memorial tournament of 8 wrestlers that have never competed in R-Pro before. He announced that the winner will receive a guaranteed contract to work for R-Pro. Among the Living will take place in Lockport, IL.

The main event for tonight was Matt Hardy vs. The Ego, Robert Anthony for the Resistance Pro Heavyweight Championship. Before the match started Anthony let it be known to Hardy that he had just stepped foot in Ego’s House and he had to be stronger than death to beat him tonight. With the help of Reby Sky, Hardy got out to the early advantage on Anthony. The crowd was hot for the entire match with cheers for Hardy and Anthony going back and forth. The two exchanged many blows but things got interesting when they took the match outside the ring. Anthony knocked Hardy on a chair then proceeded to jump over and member of the crowd hitting Hardy square in the chest. Anthony quickly stood up and could hear the cheers from the entire crowd. When the two of them got back into the ring, Reby distracted the ref long enough for Hardy to hit a low blow on Anthony. This allowed Hardy to do three Side Effects on Anthony. This was not enough for Hardy to beat Anthony but when Reby distracted the ref again Anthony got the low blow which allowed him to finish off Hardy to secure the victory and retain the Heavyweight Title.

After the match is when things got a bit different. A man that was dressed very similar to what Jesus might look like, came out to the ring. Anthony was confused by asked him to bless his title anyway. Unfortunately, Jocephus Brody came out to knock out the man that looked like Jesus and announced to the crowd that after his first part of violence comes his second part, which is the hunt for the gold. Does this set up a potential Jocephus vs. Anthony match for the title down the road? We will just have to find out as we look forward to Resistance Pro’s next event February 24th in Lockport, IL.

Matt Parker


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