• 11/10/2013 (3:07:29 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hi I went to the Big Event 5 and House Of Hardcore 3 Meet and Greet back to back with a friend. Our first goal was to meet Hulk Hogan again the minute we stepped in the place was packed. The Good was they had an unbelievable lineup of stars in one place at the same time and some a few quirky appearances that balanced out the mix. The bad was the place was so crowded and difficult to get to some of the stars you wanted to meet and the disorganization of some of the lines everyone just crowded a table at times and there should have been a concrete line and roped off. I had a Wolfpac preorder bought online and felt those who preordered should have been given priority online otherwise whats the point of preordering online? After many attempts I never got my Wolfpac photo op the second reason I was there and was disappointed Nash and X-Pac were clearly irritated near the end and wanted to get out of there and left a lot of people disappointed as well. Jim from Lucky 13 Promotions a standup guy apologized and gave me a refund. Lucky 13 and Sportsfan Promotions always deliver with the talent so I can’t complain. Ended up getting photos with Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter, Mick Foley, Lisa Marie Varon and Angelina from The Jersey Shore. Later on we both went back upstate to Poughkeepsie for the HOH3 meet and greet a little more controlled since not that many stars compared to earlier. I went back to see Lisa Marie Varon again and get more pics finally saw X-Pac and got an autograph and took a pic with Maryse with my friend Matt.

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