• 10/20/2013 (12:54:53 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Today I met former WWF/E wrestler The Boogeyman at Pro Wrestling world in Allentown,PA.! What a great guy! He was extremely fan friendly and he took the time to talk to the many fans that came to see him. There was one huge fan of the Boogeyman named Bryan Kelly of Coopersburg,PA! This man took the time and with the help of his parents to make himself look like the Boogeyman. I mean....He even fooled me for a minute! When the Real Boogeyman saw bryan,He was floored! I don't believe any other fan has gone this far to look like him before. Bryan had the clock.He has the staff. As you look at these pictures,You can tell how much work this man put in to make himself look like his idol. The Boogeyman gave bryan every picture that he had plus signed his heart that he had around his neck. It was an incredible sight.
I want to thank The Boogeyman for coming to Pro Wrestling World in Allentown,PA.! I want to thank Bud Carson of Pro Wrestling World for having the Boogeyman at this awesome signing! Thank you to for continuing to be the best place to find out where your favorite wrestlers will be for autograph signings.
Stephen Faust   Easton,PA.

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