• 03/24/2019 (3:37:38 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin
As always, C2E2 had a few legendary wrestling personalities in their guest lineup.
CM Punk, there courtesy of Pro Wrestling Tees, had a lengthy line all weekend. Punk was in great spirits. We chatted a bit about the Cubs and the Hawks (as much as time would allow).
Jim Cornette was accompanied by his wife Stacey. Cornette’s line moved slowly, but nobody complained because he was spending quality time talking about great moments in his career. Some people had trouble finding his booth, but it was well worth the hunt.
Eric Bischoff was promoting his “83 Weeks” podcast. I was unable to attend the “83 Weeks” special event, but I heard great reviews from friends who were there. He was very approachable and relaxed there and at C2E2.
I talked a little baseball with Tony Schiavone, who has done a lot of baseball broadcasting, along with his wrestling work. Schiavone and Bischoff were together at the booth and they had great chemistry. It was cool to see two of the big names of the WCW together like this.
John Wroblewski

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