• 07/09/2019 (10:38:52 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Days of the Dead debuted in Indianapolis in 2011 and last weekend they held their 9th show there. As usual, this year had a big wrestling presence.

Olympic gold medal winner and multi-time professional wrestling champ Kurt Angle was one of the three wrestlers of the celebrity guest lineup. Angle looked in great shape and happily talked about his career with the long line of fans awaiting him all weekend long.
Dustin Runnels was also there all weekend. He wore the Goldust facepaint at his table and for photo ops on Saturday. All Elite Wrestling was a major topic of conversation among fans and Dustin was genuinely touched by the love shown for his match with Cody. He also happily talked about the rest of his career and his legendary father.
Sgt. Slaughter was the final wrestler attending. Unfortunately, timing was not on my side and I missed him at his table every time. I rode the elevator with him twice and talked to him in the lobby, but I failed to get a picture. Sarge looked great and happily applied “The Cobra Clutch” to his fans.
There was a great turnout for these wrestlers and they were al excellent with the fans.
John Wroblewski

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