• 04/10/2013 (4:31:37 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

When everyone else was having the time of their life at Wrestlemania, Wrestlecon, ALL the insane wrestling going on back East, and I couldn't be there, it killed me. What made up for it you might ask? Well, during the same time I went to Days of The Dead Los Angeles April 5th-7th. It is a huge horror convention that went on for 3 days with new guests each day. Besides meeting tons of cast from A Nightmare on Elm Street, House of 1000 Corpses, Return of The Living Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, Human Centipede, The Devils Rejects, Rob Zombies Halloween, Friday The 13th cast, Walking Dead cast, most importantly I had the honor and pleasure to once again meet Rowdy Roddy Piper. I had bought my VIP ticket for this event about 7 months ago, and recently broke my foot, but that wasn't going to stop me.
As I was wheeling myself around I ran into XPW Hardcore Legend Supreme who was at the show as a fan. I had a good chat with him. I'm not sure why I didn't get a photo op with him. I've met him a few times before and he has always been cool. The funny thing is that one of my photo ops of me shaking Roddy Pipers hand you can see Supreme walking in the background looking ahead. So, I guess that can count as a 2 for 1 photo op. LOL.
Roddy showed up with a long line of fans waiting to meet him. Keith David, his partner in the movie They Live still had not shown up. I really wanted a photo op with the two of them. We were told that Keith was filming down the street and would be in as soon as he was done. The They Live panel was going to start any minute and Keith had not shown up. Roddy decided that since Keith wasn't there that he would just stay and take care of his fans. The line was never ending. I was waiting for it to die down so I could go say hello. The line never did die down which wasn't a surprise.
As I was wheeling to the back of his line Roddy caught my face and nodded at me. He is always so gracious with his time chatting with every single fan. It was my turn and Roddy immediately shook my hand and said it was good to see me again. We chatted about the video promo we cut together at WrestleReunion, and a bunch of other stuff. I took a couple photos with him, had them printed out at the show, and had him sign them. It was great seeing him again.
Later that night I attended Days of The Dead LA Awards show. The host announced Roddy Piper & Keith David as winners for Best Fight Scene in They Live. Both Roddy Piper & Keith David came up on stage. Finally, Keith shows up to the event. He was supposed to be at the convention meeting fans and never came. I have always wanted to meet him. Keith never does shows in California. Both Roddy & Keith gave nice speeches, and exited the stage.
The award show was still going on, as I watched Piper & Keith at the side of the stage. I decided that I was going to met Keith. So, I wheeled myself up to the front of the stage, rolled around it, and right up to him. Bare in mind, it was dark as hell with lights on the stage, music going on, as the host continued to give out awards. I just zoned all that out and focused on my mission.
Keiths agent was telling him they needed to go. He was trying to get Keith out of there but Keith was chatting with a couple others. I rolled up to Keith and told him I had always wanted to meet him, and asked him to sign my two photos already signed by Piper. His agent said, only sign one, we have to get out of here. Keith signed my one photo. I then asked his agent if I could please take a photo with Keith. His agent asked if I had a camera ready. I replied yes, and he said, fine last photo. I was being rushed like crazy so I handed him my camera bag. LOL. He handed it back asking me to take the camera out. I handed the camera to him turned on, Keith and I posed, and he took the photo in pitch darkness of an award show. Thank goodness for flash. I thanked his agent, thanked Keith, and they were out of there. Mission Accomplished.
I will be posting tons of images of Horror Celebrities & Photos from this convention on my Facebook Page soon. If you find it interesting please LIKE my page. Thanks :).
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