• 09/30/2012 (10:52:32 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

with Austin Aries, Maria Kanellis, Rosita & Marty Jannetty…

Review of M & J Collectibles Enfield, Ct Sept 29 signing event.
On Saturday afternoon, September 29th M & J Collectibles had another signing event at the Enfield Square Mall, in Enfield CT. The signing was set to start at 12 noon with current TNA World Champion Austin Aries, Rosita, Marty Jannetty and Maria.
The signing was set up in the center court of the mall with each talent at a table. Photos and posters were on sale for each talent. Ox Baker made an unannounced appearance, but not a surprise being the he is from the area. The signing started with Aries, Maria, and Rosita at 12 noon. It was announced that Jannetty was a few minutes away and stuck in traffic.
Maria was at the first table. Maria has always been a wonderful person to see at signings/conventions. The real “First Lady of ROH”, Maria was great with all the fans, talking about ROH, WWE, and many other things. She made sure that she gave all fans a little time so they left happy.
With Maria was Ring of Honor star Mike Bennett. Bennett is a true professional and the future of wrestling. He was not part of the signing officially and was not selling anything but if anyone had something for him to sign he gladly did.
The next table was TNA Knockout Rosita. She  joked around with fans, posed for photos and was extremely friendly. Sharing the table with her was Ox Baker. Ox is Ox, singing, being playfully loud. He had his figures, cookbook and many different photos.
The last table was TNA World Champion Austin Aries. Aries has his world title belt with him for photos with the fans. Aries played up his character, the best in the world. When fans asked to hold the belt he said they could look at it and touch it but could not hold it since he spent years working at getting it. Aries called the World belt, “His wife”. He made jokes about guys don’t like other's touching and holding their wives, just to look at them.
When Marty Jannetty arrived between 12:30 and 1 he made the rounds saying hello to fans and the other wrestlers. Marty would joke around with Rosita and Ox Baker throughout the signing and had fun with everyone.
All the talent was great and very friendly. The pricing for the different talents was very reasonable and fair. The staff talked with fans and were helpful and friendly. Look forward to the next event with them.
M & J Collectibles website is:
Thank you
Chris From Boston

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