• 09/15/2013 (2:11:43 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hello everybody

I had the chance to go to the Montréal Comiccon for the first time yesterday, as it was the fourth edition. There were some wrestlers invited in the past, like Rick Martel, Honky Tonk Man and Sgt.Slaughter, but this was the first time that no less than 5 wrestlers were booked, including 3 major stars.

The crowd gets bigger every year, as 34 000 fans went last year, and they were expecting in excess of 50 000 this year. I don't doubt it, as it was so crowded around 2 o'clock that we had to stand still, even if we weren't waiting in any lines ! Beside the wrestlers, I was also attracted by a few names, like Gilian Anderson from X-Files and Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future, as well as the original Incridible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno.

Anyway, I got there at 10h15, and there was already a huge line for Bret, even tough he was scheduled for 11h00 (he finally showed up at 11:20) . Kevin Nash and Maryse were already at their booths, with nobody in lines, so my son and I got to see them right away. Nash was friendly, and still in fantastic shape. I asked him if we would see him back in the ring one day, and he answered ''You never know'' with a smirk. He even signed my friend's cane for free.

After we got to chat in French with Maryse. I asked her where she learned to wrestle, and she told me in Kentucky, where she also learned her English. I also to her that even tough she looks taller than me, it's quite unfair with those ridiculously high heels she's wearing! She signed my trading card for my daughter. All in all a fun start to our day.

I also spent some time with my friends Bertrand and Patric, who wrote the ''Mad Dogs, Midgets ans Screwjobs'' book about the history of wrestling in Montréal. They had old vintage photos and DVDs at their table as well.

It was a bit awkward to find the right place for the Chris Jericho meet and greet. He was kind of separated from the comiccon organisation, as he was in town for a Fozzy concert. But we still managed to find the spot, and the line moved very quickly. I understand the sold around 175 tickets of the 200 available, at a 75$ price tag (combo). After being to so many meet & greet at wrestling events and convention, I can assure you I had never witnessed such a well organized setting. Withing 20 minutes, all the pictures were taken, printed, and we started the second line for the Y2J autographs ! I go to tell him we went to the last WrestleMania and complimented him on his match with the rookie Fandango. I also finally got him to tell me his secret arm-wrestling trick he talks about in his first book ! An 8x10 pictures in street clothes was also included in the package. Another pleasant experience with the Ayatollah of Rock'n Rolla.

After lunch, the line for Bret was incredibly long. Since I had already met him twice in the past, combined with his high price tag, I passed on him. I had already met with Foley, but not my son, so we went in line for his photo-op. His line moved really fast as well, and it is one of the best picture with a wrestler that we ever got (and that covers a lot of ground.)

At 7:00 it was time for the Mick Foley comedy show, and it was to me the highlight of the day. The show was scheduled for 45 minutes, but we were in for a treat.  First of all, Jason Sensation, who was Owen Hart sidekick imitator in the late 90's in the WWF, made an appearance impersonating Steve Austin, and later on came back as DDP. That was great, real fun stuff. After the regular part of his hilarious routine was over with, Foley called for Bret, who was sitting anonymously at the end of the hall, to step onto the stage. And he did ! 

Bret was given a chair and all 3 were now answering questions, all impromptu, about the screwjob and many other wrestling-related matters. As I was looking at the stage, trying to take it all in, I was thinking how fortunate I was to witness this historic moment. If Mick told us the truth, it was the first time ever that Bret ever came on stage with him, and it will more than likely be the only time. Jason Sensation, at a fan request, impersonated Owen to close the show. After it was all over, me, my son and another guy from Québec-City waited for them to finish their chat and were able to have all our items signed by Bret and Foley

That Foley comedy show transformed what was a fun day into an unforgettable, almost historic event. I want to thank everyone involved with the Montréal Comiccon for a smoothly-ran event that went without a hitch.

And thanks to you guys for reading;

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