• 07/15/2017 (10:55:24 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

I went to the NY Empire State Tattoo Convention. When I got to the convention I spotted a huge line. I hopped in the line thinking it was the admission line. I spotted someone with a red wristband. I headed to the box office to get checked in. From than I knew it was going to be a long day. I chatted with a friend I met at Eternal Con. I went inside the convention hall for 30 minutes and while I was going of Nikki Bella line, Nikki Bella was heading inside convention. The convention hall was two floors. While in line people that wanted to head in the convention stood in the line. It confused a whole lot of people even myself. They should of organized the line better or had a staff member inform guest. Anyway the line started moving at 7pm. Everyone had to head upstairs. This was baffling they didn’t have any staff directing people once they got onto the second floor. It was basically follow the leader at that point. We got to the a place where there was alot of people bunched up and I didn’t want to cut them. I kept going straight. I caught a glipse of Nikki Bella. Knowing that was front I went back in line. Since my friend was done I asked him what he signed. He got 3 POP figures signed which was pretty cool. It took sometime but I got to meet Nikki Bella. I took a photo and got her and the Bella Twins entries signed in the WWE Encyclopedia.

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