• 01/22/2013 (4:49:45 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Last Saturday, the crew brought several friends to the POWW event in Elk Grove Village (IL). Because Scott and I are always entertained at POWW, we were not surprised that our friends (2 adults and 4 kids) had a great time watching the matches and meeting the wrestlers after the show.

First, the matches...

Dave Storm pinned Don Dienamite

Justin James was originally scheduled to face Joey Cece but James came out to announce that due to injury, he was stepping away from the ring for an extended period and that he and Cece made their peace with each other backstage. Trevor Blanchard and Sexy K.C. came out to mock their former friend and then attacked him. Cece came from the back for the save and wound up taking on and defeating Blanchard in an impromptu match

Ruthless Ramon Rodriguez won his grudge match over "Psychotic" Jim Blaze. After the match, Blaze was attacked by Ramon, Logan Scott and Stonewall before help arrived

In a non-title match, Sexy K.C. was originally disqualified for throwing Regional TV Champion, GQ over the top rope but new POWW Commissioner Bob Parrella overruled the decision and had the match restarted, with K.C. pinning GQ

Stonewall hit a huge Gore to pin Mitch Blake

The POWW Heavyweight Champion, "The Lost Soul" Chris Cairo and "The Picture Perfect Man" Logan Scott went to a 15 minute time limit draw. Commissioner Parrella announced after the match that these two would meet next in a 30 minute Iron Man match

After the matches, Peter, Christopher, Andrew an Steven met Trevor Blanchard and Bob Parrella. The four Greek boys shared Greek pride with GQ. The boys were a little scared of Sexy KC after the way he manhandled me during the night, but they posed with him, too. Brawn the Lumberjack tried to give the kids life lessons, but they just wanted a picture. Stonewall, who had threatened them earlier in the night, showed he had a nicer side, too. Of course, the big kids got involved, as Scott posed with Chris Cairo and I presented Jimmy Blaze with a shirt.

Scott Beatty and John Wroblewski

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