• 04/29/2013 (12:35:05 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Resistance Pro returned to the Barn in Willowbrook, IL and put on another fun night of wrestling.  Special guests Lance Storm and Dennis Stamp were awesome, as they posed, signed autographs and told stories throughout the night.  Radio legend Lin Brehmer was the Special Announcer and he happily talked wrestling and music with all.

“The Ego” Robert Anthony beat Da Cobra and Mr. 450 in a triple threat match to retain his R Pro Heavyweight title.  Mr. 450 must leave R Pro or one year.
Mickie Knuckles stripped Ashton Vuitton down to his thong in an evening gown/suit match.
Ruff Skies (Ruff Crossing and John Skyler) defeated Mad Man Pondo and Brady Pierce in a Barnyard Brawl No DQ match.
“Lonesome” Jay Bradley made Trevor Court tap out in a submission match.
Special Guest Judge Dennis Stamp declared the Two Star Heroes (Matt Knicks and Chris Castro) winners over Body Magic (Eric St. Vaughn and GQ) in a “Dance Off/Rap Off/Pose Off.  Body Magic attacked the Two Star Heroes after the decision.
Remi Wilkens beat Bull Bronson (with Jesse Corgan) in a Country Whuppin’ Match.
Nikki St. John and D’Arcy Dixon beat Thunderkitty and Crazy Mary Dobson in a “Turn On Your Partner” match.  D’Arcy then defeated Nikki to become the #1 contender for the Women’s title.
Lockup and Warden Myers beat Da Soul Touchaz to retain their tag titles.  Myers scored the winning pin.  Lance Storm was the special referee.

After the night of action, I got pictures with Eric St. Vaughn, Lance Storm, Dennis Stamp (with Scott Beatty), Miss Prig and Warden Myers (wearing a great shirt, I might add).  Scott posed with Special Announcer Lin Brehmer.

As big as this night was, R Pro's next show Lights Out on May 24 might be even bigger, when they welcome special guest Superstar Billy Graham!

John Wroblewski

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