• 05/12/2012 (2:38:50 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Last night was another great night at Resistance Pro Wrestling. The event, "A Small Deadly Space" featured excellent matches all throughout the card, with a main event of Harry Smith (champ) against Rhino with Raven as the ref in a steel cage.

It's hard to name just one highlight. Thunderkitty (in a great old school gimmick) beat Aida Marie with a sleeper hold! Like I wrote...old school indeed. Vader (making his Resistance debut) beat Lonesome Jay Bradley in a hard fought battle. Jocephus Brody (making his R Pro debut) squashed Ace Hawkins, which seemed to set up Brody as a future force. Once again the ladies put on a fantastic match. Melanie Cruise retained her title in a unique 6 woman match featuring Serenity, Sassy Stephie, Nikki St. John, Taylor Made and Shelly Martinez (making her debut). A Cruise-St. John feud was set up.

The main event of Smith and Rhino lived up to the hype (and hope). In the end we saw Raven as Smith's new manager, thus turning Smith and setting up all sorts of future possibilities.

Speaking of future possibilities, Bradley was named the #1 contender. D'Arcy Dixon and Eric St. Vaughn accompanied Mr. 450 in his match against Robert Anthony. Dixon seemed to cost Mr. 450 the match, but the threesome walked off together. Also, Christopher Nowinski was named Head of Athletic Safety and appears to be sticking around.

After the show, the talent was readily available for autographs, pictures and even just chatting. Everyone involved in Resistance is so fan-friendly and so dedicated to making it a great show every time.



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