• 09/15/2012 (5:58:59 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Once again, we enjoyed a great night at Resistance Pro Wrestling, as "Just a Game" lived up to the hype. The crowd was really into the matches and the wrestlers did not disappoint.
Before and after the show, we met several of the R Pro talent, including Gene Snitsky. Everyone was awesome. The wrestlers merchandise area was jammed with fans meeting their favorites and buying their stuff, including the new Eric St. Vaughn shirt.

D’Arcy Dixon attacked Lucy Mendez, but got beatdown. “The Ego” Robert Anthony came out to check on Dixon and the returning Stephen Walters attacked Anthony. Anthony pinned Walters in the opening bout.
Ruff Crossing and John Skyler beat Da Cobra and Chris Hall.
Thunderkitty took 2 of 3 falls over the debuting Crystal White.
Ashton Vutton won by submission over Samurai Del Sol.
Melanie Cruise and Nikki St. John started their Women’s title match, but were interrupted by Lou D’Angeli and Jocephus Brody, who asked Nikki to join their new faction. Mr. 450 came out to help Melanie. A mixed tag match was set. Nikki pinned Melanie after hitting her with a chain. Nikki claimed the title belt, but the Baron brothers come out and leave with the belt.
“Lonesome” Jay Bradley defeated Gene Snitsky with the lariat.

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