• 08/16/2014 (10:47:46 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin


Wanted to thank for once again bringing a great day of signings to my attention!

Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, New Jersey was a new experience for me..... the Crowne Plaza Hotel was jam-packed with people! However, the staff did a great job directing people, and keeping the lines orderly.

The advertisements for the event said the signings started at 10:00 AM.... however, Roddy Piper seemed to be running late.... The crowd was getting a little anxious - since the "run-off" portion of the line went outside of the building, no one really knew what was going on - occasionally someone would go inside and look - then come out and shrug, "he's not in there yet."

Piper arrived at 11:45..... once he started, the line moved very well!

I've heard many stories about The "Rowdy" One being one of the nicest wrestlers at these events - and I must agree, he has such a warm and welcoming personality - he looked me straight in the eye, and listened to every word that I said. He's a good listener! We chatted for a few moments about the old "Primetime Wrestling" show and some of the antics Piper and Bobby Heenan used to have.

Once I got my autographs (a JAKKS Classic & a vintage WWF Magazine cover) as well as my photo, Piper shook my hand, and said quietly  "Thank you for the respect!" I thanked him in return & walked away feeling like I had just made a new friend.

Overall, a fantastic day! Aside from being late - "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was a real class act!

Thanks to for keeping me up-to-date on these signings! And thanks to the Monster Mania staff, great job today!


Frank Boris
Newark, Delaware

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