• 07/08/2012 (10:54:47 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

A couple weeks ago Scott Hall missed his first flight, and then got to the airport and got delayed by security so he missed his second flight. I really didn't think I would ever meet him at this point. All of a sudden American Icon Autographs announced that they still had his plane ticket and Scott felt bad missing the show. They quickly rescheduled for him to come to Frank & Sons on July 7th. I didn't know how the hell I would get the day off work. My schedule was already made and I had to put in a time off request early. I asked my boss who told me there was no way I could have the day off. I then asked if I could do a split shift. So he agreed. Thank goodness everything worked out.
Then as a bonus, American Icon Autographs announced that Sean Waltman would be coming to the show as well. Man, I couldn't wait to finally meet these two legends.
I couldn't go to sleep for some reason that night. Finally I went to bed and woke up at 5am. I had one hour of sleep and had to get ready to go to work for a 7am meeting. I got off work at 9:30am and took off towards City of Industry. I arrived at Frank & Sons at 11:00am. I bought my photo ops, deluxe photo op, autograph tickets, and two photos for a friend. I proceeded to say hello to my many friends I see on the net all the time, and got in line. I had about 15 people in front of me. It was noon, and I was starting to get worried. I could not be late to work. All of a sudden both Sean Waltman and Scott Hall came in around 12:30pm. Everyone started chanting Razor! Razor! Razor! extremely loud. Scott Hall & Sean Waltman were giving the click hand sign to fans and enjoying the loud welcome. Scott seemed to be embarrassed a bit by the huge reception. He started making jokes saying that he arrived on time and didn't have a drink today. Both of them were taken to the back for a minute and then came out and everyone started screaming again. Sean left but Scott came back again to talk with fans, and then went back. About Five minutes later they both began to sign.
The first fan had a TON of stuff to get signed. She really loved Scott Hall. Her husband stood off to the side watching. I think she was with him for about 10-15 minutes. As she took a photo with him her photo yelled out jokingly, hey Scott, I'm watching you, and did the Meet The Fockers two finger to the eyes and pointing at Scott. I was snapping photos of both Scott & Sean. I even took some shots of friends with them that I'm going to post on their Facebook's as a surprise. The lady then went over to Sean and had him sign a ton of stuff too. By this time there was maybe like 120 people behind me
and the line was growing. I sent a message out, and so did others, that both Scott & Sean were there.
Finally it was my time to meet Scott Hall. I handed the worker my tickets. I thanked him for coming and shook his hand. Scott was extremely nice. We were having a great chat while he signed my photos. I pulled out an old school photo of Scott with Curt Hennig. Scott was blown away by the photo saying, wow, hey Kid, referring to Sean, hey Kid, look at this photo. This is old. Look at that large mustache I have. I then handed him a WCW Color Promo of him as Diamond Studd. Once again he was blown away showing it to Sean. He laughed saying, hey, this was the time they didn't test for steroids. Look at my arms. Scott told me that when he was wrestling for a small crappy show at WCW he would call Pat Patterson of the WWF every week begging to go to the WWF.
He hated it in WCW. One day he decided to change his look. Diamond Dallas Page gave him the look of Razor Ramon. Scott & Curt had been doing the Scarface type gimmick for a while. The very first match he debuted his new look he had a squash match where he beat the hell out of a guy. The next day Pat Patterson called him and said, Hey, Vince likes your new look. Are you under contract? Do you want to come to the WWF? Scott replied, Pat, I've been calling you every week trying to go to the WWF forever. I hate it here. Obviously I want to go to the WWF. I recorded this entire story on my camera. I thanked Scott for coming and took a couple photos with him.
I then moved my stuff over to Sean's table to get it out of the way. I then took the group photo with both Scott & Sean. I then took two more photos with Sean and had him begin to sign my stuff. Sean look at the NWO Promo shot of him, Scott, and Nash, and said that was his most favorite shot, and that it was hard to find that photo. He was then blown away when he saw my NWO Promo Syxx shot. I pulled out my 123 Kid promo and he shook his head saying, look I have no eyebrows. I was like what, yeah, I see that. Sean told me that he got totally wasted one night and the boys ribbed him by shaving his eyebrows off. That's why he had no eyebrows in the WWF promo. The look in his face as he shook his head showed the memory of it coming back to him as if saying I can't believe they did that to me. I laughed out loud. I shook his hand, and thanked him for coming.
It was now 1:40pm and there was still a couple hundred people left in line and growing. I had to rush to get to work, but got there in time. Today was an awesome day!
Todd F.

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